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Firefox sync not working after signing in. Can not disconnect the account now.

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Hi folks,

I have endured the sync problem for months. Today I struggled for solving it.

I have a Firefox 68.0.1 esr manual installation on Ubuntu 16.04. The sync worked when I signed in the first time. But the bookmark can not longer be updated afterwards.

If I add or delete a bookmark on my Firefox 68.0.1 esr on Windows 10, the change will not be updated to the Linux version. And vice versa.

On the Linux, I tried to disconnect my account (in the preference about:preferences?entrypoint=fxa_app_menu#sync ). I click "Disconnect" and "Just Disconnect" in the prompt, but the account is still logged in.

Another way I tried is to have a fresh new installation of Firefox 68.9 esr. Then I was asked to sign in again. After typing the password, the new bookmarks were updated. But If I make further changes on the other devices, these changes will not be sync to Linux. And I can't disconnect the account on Linux.

It looks like a new install, which resetting the login process can temporarily solve the problem.

Here is the content of the sync-log file. Can you see what is broken? Thanks in advance.

1593396039810 Sync.LogManager DEBUG Flushing file log

1593396039810 FirefoxAccounts TRACE not checking freshness of profile as it remains recent

1593396039815 Sync.LogManager DEBUG Log cleanup threshold time: 1592532039815

1593396039824 Sync.LogManager DEBUG Done deleting files.

1593396177546 FirefoxAccounts DEBUG FxAccountsWebChannel message received: fxaccounts:fxa_status

1593396177546 FirefoxAccounts DEBUG fxa_status received

1593396177546 FirefoxAccounts DEBUG service: 30b11ae57025e70b

1593396177546 FirefoxAccounts DEBUG is private browsing: false

1593396771684 Sync.RemoteTabs INFO Generating tab list with filter

1593396771684 Sync.RemoteTabs INFO Final tab list has 0 clients with 0 tabs.

1593396939808 Sync.Service DEBUG User-Agent: Firefox/68.9.0 (Linux x86_64) FxSync/

1593396939808 Sync.Service INFO Starting sync at 2020-06-28 19:15:39 in browser session hnIS9YAkhTxS

1593396939808 Sync.Service DEBUG In sync: should login.

1593396939808 Sync.Service INFO User logged in successfully - verifying login.

1593396939809 Sync.BrowserIDManager DEBUG unlockAndVerifyAuthState: user declined to unlock master-password

1593396939809 Sync.Status DEBUG Status.login: service.master_password_locked => service.master_password_locked

1593396939809 Sync.Status DEBUG Status.service: error.login.failed => error.login.failed

1593396939809 Sync.Service DEBUG Fetching unlocked auth state returned service.master_password_locked

1593396939809 Sync.ErrorHandler ERROR Sync encountered a login error

1593396939809 Sync.SyncScheduler DEBUG Clearing sync triggers and the global score.

1593396939810 Sync.SyncScheduler DEBUG Couldn't log in: master password is locked.

1593396939810 Sync.SyncScheduler DEBUG Starting client-initiated backoff. Next sync in 900000 ms.

1593396939810 Sync.SyncScheduler DEBUG Next sync in 900000 ms. (why=client-backoff-schedule)

1593396939811 Sync.Service DEBUG Exception calling WrappedLock: Error: Login failed: service.master_password_locked(resource://services-sync/service.js:984:15) JS Stack trace: onNotify@service.js:984:15

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