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macOS – How to Prevent Thunderbird from Searching Updates

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unfortunately, Thunderbird forces the user two choices : seek update or automatically update. Everyday, Thunderbird annoys me with a pop-up telling me it could not update and that I should visit Thunderbird website to download a potentially new update. I do not want to do this every day. For a specific reason that I know, Thunderbird is prevented from checking for updates, but I do not want to change my general security config on my OS for just one app. So, my question is where is this little third button that states: “manually search for updates”. I understand it can be laughable given the wild wild web. Why someone would not want Thunderbird to search for automatically update after all? Because, sometimes, updates do break things, at least temporarily (e.g. remember Firefox and certificates) and I do not want to belong to the first batch of users to whom the update is going to be released. Also, there are users (maybe very slightly more advanced users, just a tiny more advanced, only slightly more like me) who do NOT want to be babysitted constantly and are able to take their own security without the constant reminders “please, do this, do that, your IP has changed, check your e-mail, please, enable 2-fa; etc.

Even more complicated: where's the hidden settings under MacOS platform to disable once and for all this update search function. I went to Application Support folder, but found nothing)

Thanks for your help, Raf

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There is no longer UI to disable updates.

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