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I have to install the qlearly add-on everytime FireFox starts

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Every time I start up Firefox, it has forgotten my recently addad Qlearly add on. I must install that add on manually. Then it will be a temporary add on. How can I make that add on a Non-temporary add on, so it will stay!

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Hello joost001,

There is no Qlearly add-on listed on the official page, nor do you mention it in your system details (to the right of your original post).

Do you use that add-on as your home page, or part of your home page ?

I'm asking because you say "Every time I start up Firefox".

If so, would you please take a look at this article :

If, however, the add-on has nothing to do with your home page, please let us know how Firefox "forgets" this Qlearly, will you please ?


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Hi McCoy,

Thank you for your quick reply! There's is no Firefox Qlearly add on at the moment. This is the Qlearly adiveses you to install their add on:

To install the Firefox version simply copy & paste the following 'link' into your browser: about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox. Next, click on 'Load Temporary Add-on' showing towards the right of your screen and upload the file you just downloaded.

When I have done that it works okay! But... when I close my browser and I restart it later I have to take the Install steps again.

Firefox does not show the Qlearny add on again!


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I guess you will have to do this all over again, because this is only a temporary add-on .....

I went to find out what that add-on does, and found some alternatives that will work with firefox - see :

these search results ......

Would you consider trying one of these ?


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The Qlearly extension may not have been signed properly yet and thus needs to be installed via the about:debugging page. Extensions installed this way are only installed temporarily for the current session and need to be reinstalled each time you restart Firefox.


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