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Numbers are showing up as squiggles, I thought it was another lang at first, but it doesn't seem to be. If I copy and paste the squiggle i can see the number

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When working on a site I noticed I'm seeing what looks like squiggly lines for the dates. The created date is - 3/31/2020 and the start date is - 4/2/2020. But for some reason its shows the way it does in the attached image. I also noticed that its not showing formatting for Portuguese. Everything seems fine in Chrome on the mac, and Firefox for Windows 10.

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Is this with all websites/pages, some, a few?

Type about:preferences#content<enter> in the address bar. Across from fonts and colors, press the Advanced button. On the bottom, turn on Allow Web Sites To Choose Their Own.

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You can right-click and select "Inspect Element" to open the builtin Inspector with this element selected.

You can check in the Rules tab in the right panel in the Inspector what font-family is used for selected text. You can check in the Font tab in the right panel in the Inspector what font is actually used because Firefox might be using a different font than specified by the website.

If you use uBlock Origin make sure not to "block remote fonts".


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