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Why does the sync not work any more?

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Sync does not work at all on mobile. Every single name and password I saved On desktop browser I got to that site and no user name and password. Not once ever. Every site I know I have name and pass too I go to on mobile nothing populates and I have to reset password, which is annoying but I do and guess what? I reset my password, enter new password and fire fox now says want to update your password? makes no sense. The user name if stored should always populate but it never does. Another thing that does not work at all with firefox. This browser has literally gone down the tubes over the last couple years and it seems firefox is getting worser and worser which makes no sense because firefox was king of the world at one point and now it seems netscape navigator is better. I refuse to believe this. Screw chrome, screw edge and screw opera, I just want my old working firefox back.

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