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PDF handling between Firefox 71.x and 72.x

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I have a particular PDF (an invoice of sorts) that displays information regarding one company under version 71.0 (and below), but then displays information regarding a different company under version 72.0.2 (and above). It's as if there are two similar documents layered within the same file, but which 'document' is visible depends on which version of Firefox you're running...!? Aside from trying to understand the PDF, itself, can anyone explain how these versions of Firefox differ, in their own handling of PDFs? Something changed between the two releases.

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Hi JW, the PDF viewer, PDF.js, is developed over here:

Note: PDF.js does not fully support layers and definitely does not support hidden layers -- they are visible. For best results, remove "hidden" layers from your PDFs.

Firefox 71 vs. 72:

Updates get pulled into Firefox from time to time. It looks like these were the versions used, although I'm not completely sure:

  • Firefox 72: version 2.4.152, pdfjsBuild = '827eb64b'
  • Firefox 71: version 2.4.43, pdfjsBuild = '16ae7c69'

And I don't know Github well enough to compare them. You might want to test the development version here:

On the right side of the viewer's black toolbar, you'll notice a folder with an up-pointing arrow which lets you load a local file into the page.

Same problem?

You may want to file an issue on the Github repository.


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