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Combining E-mail Accounts.

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Here is what I would like to do. I have a new computer with W10 Pro. I have had two other laptops, one is a W7 machine the other is a W 8.1 machine. All Dell laptops. Each of the older laptops has a unique E-mail Account to the same ISP with years of history of saved e-mails in designated folders under Local Folders. And address books. So far I have migrated the W 8.1 profile and all things contained in the Roaming/Thunderbird folder from the old machine. Worked well and am up and running.

What I hope to do is now also migrate the W 7 E-mail account and its associated profile and local folders to the new W 10 machine. So far, all attempts have been unsuccessful. Depending on what is done, the W 7 Local Folders do not come through under that e-mail account or, they overwrite the Local Folders of the W 8.1 e-mail account. It appears you cannot have two e-mail accounts with their respective e-mail addresses with the ISP and have the local folders for that profile on one machine at the same time?

If this is possible, what are the steps for getting there? Any help is appreciated.

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You could copy the mbox files from the W7 Mail/Local Folders to the Mail/Local Folders location in the W10, after renaming them from, e.g. Folder to FolderW7. Same with copying the mbox files from Mail/<popaccount> or ImapMail/<imapaccount>. Do this with TB closed. The mbox files are the large files with no extension; ignore the .msf files.

Just add the W7 account to TB on W10 from File/New/Existing Mail Account.

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But is it possible to have a separate Local Folders with each e-mail account/profile populated by all the subfolders that were originally created for each account when they were separate?

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Sure, with the LocalFolders add-on. But why not just create two subfolders of the W10 Local Folders, LF7 and LF8, and copy in the folders from the two profiles?

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The latter suggestion might work. Will give it a try. Thanks.

I tried the LocalFolders Add-0n. It does create a new folder, but didn't create another Local Folders folder.

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In thinking this through a bit, let me clarify the steps with a question or three. And see if I correctly identify the steps.

On the W10 machine, the migrated W 8.1 account and profile is the active one. And working well as the default and only profile so far in Profile Manager. Has all its sub-folders full of e-mail history under Local Folders.

1) Outside of TB (not called up), under the W10 (former 8.1) profile, manually create two new folders under that Local Folders folder corresponding to each of the Local Folders source from the W7 and W8.1 profiles?

2) And then copy the various mbox files for each of the folders under the W7 XXXXX.default profile Local Folders over into the new folder designated as the W7 source and the various mbox files for each of the folders from the current W10 Local Folders (former W8.1) into the new folder designated as the W8.1 source? No need to include the msf files? As I understand it those will be recreated when firing TB up again? What about .sbd files?

3) Fire up TB starting with Profile Manager (I currently have it set to always come up first), and create a new profile corresponding to W7 account name and have it go to its unique profile XXXXX.default? And then send desired e-mails to archive from each corresponding Inbox over to to these subfolders designated for these two accounts?

4) And then I need to add a new account, designating as POP3 and all that and pointing it to the ISP?

I am trying to set this out step by step, to get it right, but hopefully help others that may have the same question.


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I don't think you can create a subfolder of Local Folders through File Explorer and have TB recognize it when you restart the program. Just copy an mbox file into Mail/Local Folders with File Explorer, as each mbox is shown as a folder when you open TB.

The sbd folders indicate they are subfolders of the folder with the name as the .sbd folder. To avoid confusion, just copy the mabox inside the .sbd folder to Mail/Local Folders and organize the folder hierarchy when TB opens.

No need to use Profile Manager to move the W7 profile into the active profile. As before, just copy the mbox files into Mail/Local Folders and organize them further after TB opens.

Finally, add accounts as usual from File/New/Existing Mail Account.