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Is there a way to set a custom shortcut to open the location bar under macOS?

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For all my years using PCs I've used the Alt+D shortcut to open the location bar in every browser, but for whatever reason, under macOS this shortcut changes to CMD+L which I have never been able to get used to. I've worked around this by using macOS' built in keyboard remapping to swap the CMD+D and CMD+L shortcuts for Open Location and Bookmark This Page in Chrome and this has worked fine for me in all the years I've been using Macs and Chrome.

However, I would like to stop using Chrome and Firefox does not have an Open Location entry under the menu bar so I can't swap the shortcuts around. Is there any way at all that I can do this? It's such a minor thing really, yet I find it so irritating at the same time so any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I'm not aware of a work around on the Firefox-side of things but am somewhat familiar with keyboard remapping on macOS. Which program are you using to do your remappings with?