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Using Little Snitch to block unwanted internet traffic, I need to know ALL of the websites Firefox uses to do updates & "maintenance". Does list exist?

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I'm running Firefox on a MacBook Pro, OS X 10.14. Little Snitch intercepts all web traffic and "allows" or :"blocks" each connection. Firefox is now unable to do routing updates, and I do not know which wesites it needs access to. I am hoping that there will be a lost of all of the websites it accesses. Thanks.

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Hi MidAtlantian, are you blocking by host name or by IP address? Firefox accesses sites on CDNs, so IP addresses my vary.

This article has an overview of automatic connections made by Firefox. Some of the specific host names can be found in about:config.

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Thanks for your response.

 I can block or allow a connection by specifying the web address - in fact, it asks me for each web address it gets a request for, for example "". I can also specify port names. I do not understand how web names are resolved to IP addresses, but that must be a stage past my level of control.
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Browsers use a DNS resolver to translate a domain to an IP address.

See also the about:networking page and the Network Monitor in the Browser Toolbox.