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Facebook app. will not work

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Angry bird friends Facebook app. will not load, I get half the top banner then flips to white screen.

Cleared cache, Flash player up to date. I've tried re-installing flash. The app. work on Opera browser ( I think it uses a different flash player).

Also I'm concerned about the long wait when I initially start Firefox, I do think the speed 'blurp' given is over hyped. To be honest after all these years I am losing faith with Firefox.

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But it just can't be me can it?

What is being done at 'tech level', can you not escalate this to the developers?

I do hope SOMETHING IS being done about it, if not I WILL remove Firefox entirely - JUST what is the point of bothering anymore?

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Dear EF80, as "Angry Birds Friends" loads just fine for me (and others); there must be something going on here that I can't put my finger on. Hence I said that I will leave you in the capable hands of FredMcD (or others), who know more than I do.

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McCoy said

EF80 said

Where and when did/do you get that message (shown in your screenshot); would you please give us a link to that page ?

Your system details show that you use the latest Firefox version, so it doesn't make sense ......

A link to that page might be helpful .....

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EF80 said


Turns out that this is what solved the problem .....

See this thread :

I still would have liked a link to that page, though ....

(edit : typo)

Okulungisiwe ngu McCoy

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