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firefox update erased my facebook page

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It was just fine when I went to bed one night about a month ago. In the morning, everything had changed! Firefox did some kind of update, and said it disabled/deleted all my add ons as not being compatible (even though they were firefox add ons) so I thought, ok, deal with that later. I tried to open my Facebook page, just to find it no longer exists! It wouldn't let me log in to my FB page, and none of my information on there was saved ! Friends lists, files, photos, everything was GONE!!! I tried creating a new FB page, and thought if I used my log in details it would come back. No. It still works fine for all the other web sites I frequently visit, just not FB! I have had to go back to using Chrome to access my FB page! Is there any way I can get this back without doing a full system restore?

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Please note that Firefox has no control over the data stored on Facebook. Facebook is an entirely different service from Firefox.

My guess is that the Facebook Container extension that you have installed logged you out of your Facebook account and you just need to log back in.

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You think I didn't try logging back in? It said it couldn't find any account associated with that log in information. And I still can't log in to my account using Firefox, but it works in Chrome. Firefox deleted all my add ons and extentions and thus my FB won't work! It even deleted my theme colors I had added from Firefox! Don't tell me Firefox didn't do this; it did! It was NOT FB! When I tried to open my FB page the next morning after Firefox did it's stupid update, it popped up messages saying that all my extentions and add ons had been disabled as being incompatible with the new Firefox update.

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Are you able to login when you run Firefox in Safe Mode? It could be an issue with the Facebook Container extension.

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I think that container extensions lost their data due to the expired intermediate certificate issue (this is some precaution when such an extension is disabled to avoid leftover inaccessible data), so you would have to setup your Facebook extension again to make them work properly.

See also Container add-ons:

I don't know in what way this would affect cookies, so you need to check this.

Did you previously update to Firefox 66.0.5 since you now have 67.0 ?