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Suggestion to reimagine tabs-bookmarks relationship

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Hi there! I always end up having many tabs open in several windows and today I clued into how much time I waste trying to find the right window. I currently have 128 tabs open over 5 windows and every time I shut down and start up Firefox I "restore previous session". I started looking today for a way to label my windows so that I can have them as categories like "Music", "School", "Health", "General Learning", etc. I use a Macbook and use the 4 finger swipe down or up all the time and wanted to see my windows labeled to clearly see the types of tabs I have open regardless of what tab was up front. There are a few plug ins that do that but I don't like the permissions that they need like "Access your data for all websites". it seemed excessive for just a label.

Then I thought. well it's basically a visual bookmark system. but I don't use bookmarks because everything disappears once I put it in bookmarks - it becomes less relevant when it's next to things from 8 years ago. here's what I imagine:

Primary idea:

- windows and bookmark folders are virtually the same thing, and tabs and bookmarks are virtually the same thing.

- I can command-click or option-click on one of the bookmarks in a folder and it opens in a window that is labeled as the bookmark folder name

--- I can command-click-drag to open several bookmarks as tabs in a window that is labeled as the bookmark folder name

--- new bookmarks I open from that folder open as tabs in the window of the same name if it's already open

Secondary thoughts for better flow:

- button in top corner of window will open a list of all the tabs open in that window but the list will be wide enough that you can actually read what the tab is instead of just the first 5 letters.

--- this way I can easily reorganize my open tabs.

--- below list of open tabs in that window is a list of the other bookmarks in that folder that aren't opened that I can click on to open or drag up into the the "open" list and drop it where I want that tab to open up.

--- if you want to get real fancy I can drag the tab from the list back up to the top corner and the other open window lists open up so I can move it to a different window - alternatively I can right click on it and select "move to" or "copy to" and choose a window or bookmark folder.

- colouring or aging can show how recently each tab or bookmark was opened - This link shows what I mean

- Turn on an option that when I hover over the title it shows a small render of the site (in bookmark menu or tab list)

Troubles to think about:

- Discerning between short term bookmarks (stored tabs) and long term bookmarks (regular bookmarks) - perhaps add a "lock" to the bookmarks you want to keep.

--- some bookmarks i want permanently saved until I delete the bookmark (how it works now)

--- some I want to be more transient so that when I close the tab it means I'm done with it (how I treat tabs now)

--- when implementing the "move to" or "copy to" suggestion above, you may want that move or copy to be a permanent or transient bookmark. I suggest keeping the "bookmark" word to mean permanent so perhaps a "bookmark to" option.

--- Perhaps closing a window doesn't remove them from the bookmarks folder, but closing the tabs individually does unless it's "locked"

All of this will help me to keep my tabs to a minimum when I start firefox and when I want to pick up on a different subject I can easily open all of the relevant tabs - most of which aren't "bookmark" worthy at this point, they're just there till I deal with them and close them. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. I feel this would dramatically increase my organization and workflow so I'm here to help

Sincerely, Rick

Okulungisiwe ngu Rick

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Suggestions for improving Firefox should be submitted here:

That page can be accessed from the Help > Submit Feedback ... menu item in Firefox.

For the most part, the people who provide support here are other users, like you. Very few developers or paid Mozilla staff ever grace us with their presence or provide support in this forum. Such is the case with many (if not all) free, open source applications. Hard to fund a paid support staff with free software.

And personally, I don't think there is a snowballs-chance-in-hell that Mozilla would even consider most of your suggestions. Most sound like features that a WebExtension would add to Firefox.