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How to put graphical Reminder on the website which article/post/blog was latest read?

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I have several websites where RSS is not possible so unfortunately there is no way to immediately forward in real time every single new blog / article / post / feed to email address. Been researching RSS Feeds desktop or web application and neither of them offer both of my main requirements: unlimited feeds and particularly ability to permanently manually delete particular post/feed/blog. Having it deleted automatically after particular time period has passed is unacceptable for me. The feed, on RSS Feeds application must be able to be manually deleted by me but as i said i haven't found free of charge application offering this.

So I got different idea but not sure how to do it: Since websites have many (few hundreds) DAILY new articles/feeds posted, I would like to manually put on webpage some extremely easy and fast to be seen, while scrolling up and down, reminder (preferable graphical) which post was latest reviewed by me even if it goes to older page.

So next time when i run Firefox or when i reopen the same website (webpage), i will see very soon which feed was reviewed by me as the latest one and from there i can go to next one which was posted later after the one which was latest reviewed by me.

This way, i would not need to all the time write down the title which one was latest reviewed and every time search for it manually when i come back to the website next time. Particularly if that latest reviewed feed/post gets to some of older webpages, e.g. page 2 or 3 etc, i will save a lot of time not needing to search that feed.

I wonder if such firefox plugin or any other type of application exist?

Your answer would be highly appreciated, thank you!

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The Browser doesn't have such features. I would think the site you get RSS feed would have a login registration that could keep track of your feeds rather then searching for the last location. You should contact the RSS feed support and ask them about how you can go about do what your asking.

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Hello Dolphin0,

Would you please take a look at this article :

Maybe you could take also take a look at these search results and try one of the add-ons that are listed there ......

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thank you to both of you for replies.

McCoy: first link has nothing to do with my question. Regarding second link: the websites either don't support rss at all or support it but not in the categories of news/feeds/blogs/posts/articles that i am interested for. So since there is no rss functionality, i don't think rss reader would be possible to be used.

I am still searching for some solution how could i remind, preferable but not required graphically, myself, upon rerunning firefox or revisiting website, which post was latest read by me so i can go for one above it as soon as possible and waste as less as possible time on searching the latest reviewed blog/feed/post. There is also no Subscribe option or Login / Register option.

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Hi Dolphin0, the only "built-in" mechanism would be visited link coloring. Normally Firefox colors visited links differently from unvisited links, so unless the page overrides that and forces everything to the same color, there is that visual cue. Is that what you look for now, but either it takes too long or the color difference isn't strong enough?

Note: If you clear history or use private browsing, or if the site modifies the links with tracking codes, then that method doesn't work. You would need an alternative place to store "history" that you then could apply to the page. (An add-on of some kind?)

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jscher2000 thank you for the message! User WestEnd said this is not possible. I cannot physically color with enough thickness (so i can see that as fast as possible next time) anything on website and expect that those colors will remain there after websites does some changes or posts new content or after i close website or rerun the browser or even reboot computer. Example of such website (one of several):

I want to make sure that at least i quickly review all the posts. Sometimes i see from the title of the post that i am not interested for it. This is the reason why i cannot use normall rss readers - its not possible to manually delete. Besides, this link doesn't have rss for that exact category (only for few others).

As you said, few words coloring would be great solution if there was guarantee that color remains until i manually relocate or delete the color. So yes this is what i am looking for.

It must always be saved until i don't delete or relocate the reminder which post was latest checked by me. Even if i clear cookies, the reminder must stay there.

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Dolphin0 said

Example of such website (one of several):

This one is unusual in that individual items do not have links, but they contain shortened Twitter links and other links "out". I don't know whether Firefox's history tracks shortened links or only the full links they expand into.

Since the feed looks like 24 hours worth of news in perfect reverse chronological order, it could be useful on this page to highlight the timestamps for everything since your last visit. A script could note the time you last loaded the page, and highlight everything that is later than that time. Or you could manually trigger the script to store a cut-off time so that if the page were accidentally reloaded, you would be in control of what is highlighted.

I don't know how easy/difficult it would be to put that together. It's possible the approach will vary from site to site, but if we are always talking about figuring out the date of a posted item and comparing it to a stored date, maybe it would get easier and easier for the author/user to add new sites.

Those are my immediate thoughts. I wonder if there's already some kind of "What's New, Website?" add-on that could do it?

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do you know any way to send each new post to email address? e.g. article to email functionality.

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Dolphin0 said

do you know any way to send each new post to email address? e.g. article to email functionality.

I think there are services on the web you can set to watch things for you and send notifications in your preferred form. I haven't tried any of them.

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Would does extension do what you want  :  ?

Or is this just another one that doesn't even come close ..... (?)

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McCoy said

Would does extension do what you want  :  ? Or is this just another one that doesn't even come close ..... (?)

We are not talking about the changes tracking but about timing to reduce the time as much as possible figuring out which article was checked by me as the latest one. If i get update when something changes and what exactly changed then this doesn't necessary mean i already checked it. Ideal solution would be to send all upcoming posts to email Inbox from where i would massively all the time be deleting hundreds or thousands of messages all the time. Whatever remains clearly means that this for now stayed unchecked. However it seems very hard to do this.

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McCoy firstly, I would like to thank you for your time for searching those links. Much appreciated. However, i had found such applications in the past already and only website changes is not what i am searching. To clarify again: Lets assume a website having articles like

post1 post2 post3 post4 post5

Article post1 is the most recent one in this example. Article post5 is the oldest. I have time to review (either entirely or just by title, doesn't matter) 5. 4. 3 and 2 but then for some reason i need to close browser or even entire computer before checking post1.

Then next time when i go back to this website, the articles are:

post01 post02 post03 post1 post2 post3 post4 post5

01, 02, 03 occurred while i was away from website.

I am looking for something that would as fast as possible remind me which article is yet to be checked but the oldest one out of all unchecked ones. Doesn't need to be graphically. So i need something that would, even if with just pop up window (but pointing at the article!), tell me what is yet to be checked, in this case post1 because this one is the oldest unchecked.

Imagine that described situation with few hundreds ( * ) of post every day and extremely busy working schedule and you will know why i need something i am asking for to literally POINT at the article where i stayed with reviewing. Its not just about changes.

( * ) multiple pages on same website, which puts pointing at latest and oldest unchecked article task more complex.

Okulungisiwe ngu Dolphin0

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Jscher2000's penultimate post comes close to what you want - the articles you have viewed should be marked somehow (like visited links), but having those sites sending you an email about items you have yet to view ........ I was hoping that getting notified about new articles/posts (= changes) would be better than nothing.

I'm afraid that this is way over my head (sorry .... ).

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The most ideal solution would be to get all new articles from same link (even if on multiple pages) sent to me via email. This way i could be deleting them all the time and in Inbox would remain what is yet to be checked. However ideal world and realistic world are two different subjects :-(

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Dolphin0 said

However ideal world and realistic world are two different subjects :-(

So true (but we can dream .... )

Here's a thought : maybe you could post your exact wishes here and see if maybe someone knows about (or is willing to develop) an extension that will do what you want :