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Running a number of apps: Privacy Badger; Lightbeam; uBlock Origin and others. Have lost ability to see these in top toolbar(s)

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Realized recently that all icons from background apps I'm running, like: Privacy Badger, Lightbeam and uBlock Origin, among others, have disappeared completely from my Firefox top toolbar - or, a Firefox top toolbar.

For instance, I have recently fired up a VPN service. I wanted to fire off Lightbeam to see how/if the VPN is working, but the Lightbeam icon is gone, as is the Privacy Badger icon, and the uBlock Origin icon, among others.

As far as I can tell, some, or all, of these installed apps, 'seem' to be still installed and actively running in background mode.

I 'think' uBlock Origin, for example, dynamically blocked a couple of nasty tabs recently.

But I can't get any info on/from/regarding these apps (or some of them, perhaps, at least). I don't even know where these apps are stored and/or whether or not they are still installed and running, although I 'think' they are.

Recent Firefox upgrades have fired up Pocket, which seems/seemed interesting. However, is it possible, perhaps, that Firefox upgrades and/or instantiation of Pocket caused these apps [or at least, the icons for these apps, that appeared to be the equivalent of shortcuts], to have disappeared?!

I hate it when stuff like this changes/happens. Usually, with Microsoft and Windows, here and there, seems like you need to empathize with the OS from the ground up.

Every once in a while - less so, for a while now - it seemed like I would sneeze or wave my hands and I'd have, I dunno, a sidebar menu, for instance where one either didn't exist before or was a horizontal toolbar.


Have checked most of the postings for: how to customize, add/modify this or that toolbar and several other options, but am totally at sea, as to what might have changed [and when and how] to cause these apps, and the valuable info that they and their icons provide, to disappear.


Thanks and best,


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Hi, can not say. Would think corrupted files.

Note you will have to download those again after doing this and set things up.

please try a Refresh but Note that this does more than uninstalling and re-installing does. Normal uninstalling does not remove some preferences which may have become corrupt. Please Refresh but do this 1st:


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Thank you, I will do so. I had been considering re-setting Firefox to default settings, which I think is what you are suggesting here. I will follow your instructions, in your REPLY - above. I will let you know how it turns out.

As I recall, I don't think there was any additional toolbar (I've toggled the menu bar, on and off), as I think about it now. I believe the app icons were arrayed along the toolbar with the window for setting URL's for Firefox to access and were arrayed, if I recall correctly, mostly to the right of the large/long URL window.

There are also a few icons to the left of this window: the go-back-one-screen key icon, the go-forward-one-screen icon, which is, in my current screen not highlighted, as there is no screen to which to go forward.

Then, the home key (icon) and then the large/long URL input window.

Within the long/large URL window, to the right, there is an icon for Page Actions, and then a star with which to set bookmarks.

Then, to the right, a bookmark library icon, a show-sidebar icon, and then the menu icon.

I'll append a screenshot along the way - which is what I should have done, rather than use all of these words - after all, a picture is worth... - if we think that will help - although I an unconvinced that it will do so.

We'll see how this works. I will let you know and thank you for your assistance.


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Hi, description sounds right but with Customize you can drag all those any where you want almost including the other side of browser and stick stuff up in the Menu Bar.

Yes it is set back to default.