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limited options in "page setup"

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more options

I just installed Ubuntu 18.04. When I was using windows I could print preview and change things in the "Page Setup" like:

headers and footers print background colors and images adjust margins

for some reason now i don't get those options when i go to the page set up, i only get:

format for paper size and orientation.

everything prints, but i can't change any of the more advanced setting. i included a screen shot of what i see, to show that i'm not missing an options tab or something. i know i can modify most of these settings in about:config but i used to be able to change things in the "Page setup" menu. what changed? i doesn't seem to matter which printer i choose either. the options are always the same.

Isisombululo esikhethiwe

You can click the Print button or press Ctrl+P to have access to more choices.

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more options

Hi, several months ago things changed as you say. I do not print often and found same thing. There are some Extensions : You can refine the search and see if you get anything else.

more options

Isisombululo Esikhethiwe

You can click the Print button or press Ctrl+P to have access to more choices.

more options

Pressing ctr-p did give me the control I was looking for thank you, when I clicked the print button it skipped that menu and just printed it out. ctr-p made the print dialog with more options appear. Much appreciated, That was driving me nuts!