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Lolu chungechunge lwavalwa lwabekwa kunqolobane. Uyacelwa ubuze umbuzo omusha uma udinga usizo.

Why are Firefox developers stupid?

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I've been using Firefox basically ever since it came out after Netscape died. It was a simple and flexible browser that promoted itself on the basis of respecting users and working hard to meet their expectations.

Now, Firefox has broken most of the extensions I used with their Quantum crap and there is no hint of a backtrack despite widespread complaints and, I assume, mass exodus. The browser constantly nags users with bogus security warnings to the point its almost unusable depending on the website you visit -- of course, safe ones that have been opened forever with no issue. Now there's no option to disable javascript in the settings, being that js is a major security risk and many people might want to turn it off. All told, numerous cases of making life harder to users.

Now, as if it weren't enough, Firefox is keeping my browsing history when I'm in a private window! Not only the URLs get saved on the address bar but the sites are also prominently displayed in the Highlights whenever a new window is opened! Congratulations on potentially ruining a bunch of marriages and causing all sorts of other problems to people who naively trusted Firefox to keep their private browsing... private!

Goodbye, Firefox, I'm leaving to Opera until you guys get your shit together (hint: It starts by listening to users) if you ever do. I advise everyone to do the same both to get rid of this train wreck of a browser and to protect your privacy. Unfortunately, the likely reaction from the developers will be that they are stubbornly right because they know what is best for us, even if everyone tells them otherwise. Enjoy the view from your ivory tower before it crumbles to the ground, suckers!

PS.: The image upload thingy won't stop spinning and there's no indication the file was received despite my traffic monitor indicating the upload is done, once again showing how Mozilla systems are going downhill fast. So I changed the screenshot I was going to send to illustrate the privacy snafu to one that more closely reflects my feelings. I do hope it gets there and is seem by all developers.

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The people who answer questions here, for the most part, are other Firefox users volunteering their time (like me), not Mozilla employees or Firefox developers.

If you want to leave feedback for Firefox developers, you can go to the Firefox Help menu and select Submit Feedback... or use this link. Your feedback gets collected by a team of people who read it and gather data about the most common issues.

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Thanks for the reply, Seburo, but I was already aware of that and had in fact also left feedback through the Help menu.

However, this is an official Mozilla forum and it should be acknowledged by the company as an official support channel instead of only relying on cannon fodder to take the blows from deeply unsatisfied users. When you search for "Firefox support" on Google, this is the main link you get and it's only reasonable to expect whatever complaint or suggestion posted here will reach the development team. Instead, Mozilla explores your free labor while you bend over backwards to justify a company that has lost all respect to their customers.

Perhaps, the heads of this "non-profit" company are making so much money they don't need to pay attention to users anymore, instead just tread on with whatever bullshit they decide to implement, even if it breaks the browser's functionality.

My strategy is to spread this information as much as I can, hence I posted it here despite knowing it would reach deaf years -- or rather not reach at all -- of the development team. Hopefully, people will be driven to this complaint after googling info on why the Mozilla team is so proud of seeing their browser heading to the gutter and learn that their privacy is at risk by using Firefox. Just the same, I've posted the complaint on Twitter, where I, of course, will get no reply at all from Mozilla because they couldn't care less about a user rubbing in their faces how they've destroyed a previously fine browser, but at least some people may see it and become aware of how fucked Firefox has become, including throwing user privacy out of the window.

By the way, Satan only knows if Mozilla is selling user data to the highest bidder, which is very likely in face of the broken promises and overall shitty browser they praise so much. If I were you, I'd drop this moderation gig like a hot rotten potato lest you contribute to Mozilla abusing more people's trust. Or are you brave enough to keep doing this out of love for a company that doesn't deserve respect?

My goal is to promote a smear campaign against Mozilla so that aura of good guys is replaced by the true image of a company who is proud of shitting onto users' heads and blatantly ignoring any feedback whatsoever.

I still don't know if the image I attached previously went through, so I'm including it again. Please, make sure to forward it to HQ so they can get a glimpse of how their users feel.