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FF v60 not loading Scripts for specific sites

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Hello Support Team,

For a couple of days I am unable to load a couple of site. (e.g. attachment: loginscreen from binanc) To me the screenshot and the behaviour of the other sites looks like javascript is not working properly. I can not login and nothing happens, when I click the "button". I only reach that screen, when I enter the login URL through history. When I open the main website, it links me and a blank white screen is shown....

As mentioned in another threat ( I already tried a bunch of troubleshooting, but nothing helps and brings the few websites back working. I can not imagine, why only a very few sites refuse to work, while 99% load and work normally. Is there any way or troubleshooting to reset javascript or something?! And here again: in private mode all site are working normal... Another thing is that, if I

Done so far:

  • Restart Firefox
  • Restart Firefox in Safe Mode
  • ctrl + R
  • strl + shift + R
  • Clear Data: Cookies + Site Data
  • Clear Data: Cached Web Content
  • Removed all Cookies
  • Backed up Profile Folder + firefox -P - new profile - copying contents of backed up profile into new profile
  • Disabled all Add-Ons (No Script, uBlock, and Decentraleyes)
  • apt purge firefox && apt autoremove && apt install firefox


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OMG ... And again a few minutes later I managed to solve it.... with.... REFRESH FIREFOX ...

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Isisombululo Esikhethiwe

OMG ... And again a few minutes later I managed to solve it.... with.... REFRESH FIREFOX ...