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Prompts to SAVE but no option to save on FB security settings

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Occasionally I get an extra sign on on Facebook, usually through a disconnect. In Chrome I just close the 2nd one and it's gone. In Firefox I close the 2nd one but it prompts me to SAVE my closing it. THERE IS NO SAVE BUTTON. I have to ago back to Chrome to close it. That is ridiculous. I really am trying to like Firefox but things like this are annoying. How do I SAVE when there is no SAVE option? (Ctrl S does not work)

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Did you ask FB is this was a FF and FB interfacing issue?

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I did not ask FB as 1. I've never received an answer other than, thanks for your feedback, we can't answer you. 2. It works just fine with Chrome so I figured it was a FF issue somehow. I will report it to FB now and see if that helps. Sometimes issues I've reported do get fixed but I never know until I stumble upon the fix.