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Firefox crashing all the item (via multiple ways)

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Hello all,

I am using the latest Firefox on a Windows 7 32 bit machine.

Unfortunately Firefox has been running very unstable for the last couple of weeks. Below I describe some of the problems:-

-Hanging momentarily ie. cannot click on links - Getting black patches on pages - Pages suddenly started to flash quickly

Things I have done to alleviate the problem

- Have refreshed and reset to default settings. - Have disable hardware acceleration in options - Have uninstalled graphics card driver (ATI), removed card completely and been running with embedded Intel graphics.

Unfortunately none of the above have solved the problem. Please also note I have a couple of addons installed but been running the same configuration on a 64 bit Windows 7 machine and everything works ok.

Willing to send crash reports, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help.

Kind regards,


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Hello again,

So if I undestand correctly there's a huge spike in memory usage in FF which is the reason the program hangs.

Thanks I will go through the links you have provided and try to find the best solution.

In the meantime what I have also discovered is that Firefox seems to stutter at times as if nothing is happening, after a couple of seconds it returns to normal again. This is probably due to the occassional high memory usage?

I brought up the task manager as I'm typing this pls see attached pic, you reckon the memory usage of FF is too high?

This is strange as I have scanned my system multiple times using NIS (before I uninstalled it) and also Malware bytes...Nothing suspicious was found.

Be back afte reading the links, thanks once more!

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Anti-virus programs are good, but some cannot detect malware.

Further information can be found in this article;

Run most or all of the listed malware scanners. Each works differently. If one program misses something, another may pick it up.

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your screenshot didn't came through... could you try adding it again?

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Indeed I am sorry, I forgot to actually attach the pic.

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thanks, it doesn't look too bad for a modern browser. are there any other programs running on your system that use large resources of ram? the crashes all appear to happen because your system is running out of available physical memory.

you could try to set the number of content process to 1 in firefox in order to restrict the ram usage of the browser a bit: Firefox's performance settings

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Dear Philipp,

First of all thanks for coming in to help as well. I occasionally run a copy of Autocad 2009, it's a quite old version and does not consume that much memory. Apart from this, I guess nothing else.

I have also run a memory diagnostic tool to check if the installed ram sticks are faulty but I did not find any errors with it.

I wili try to limit the number of processes as you suggest. Since I am familiar with pc building as a last resort I will format the pc and install Windows 10 to check if the same problems still exist.

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try to use a 64bit variant of the operating system if you really have to start from scratch...

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Hello again,

Thanks for your suggestion however it may seem strange but I still use some old 32 bit apps at work so in order for these to work I have to install a 32 bit version of Windows.

Will report back today after I change the processes to 1.

Thanks once more for your kind help and support.

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Dear all,

I would like to report that I have now removed the ublock addon and it seems the stuttering problems as well as others (ie. tab crash, flashing pages) have gone away.

So after all it could have been the ublock plugin behaving badly. I will report back in a couple of days also.

Thanks once more for your help.

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Contact ublock support.

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Hello again,

I dont think ublock have a support page or forum or something similar. Anyway I am back to report on my findings by adblock plus instead of ublock. It seems that FF crashes again occassionally even with ublock removed. So it appears that ublock may have not been related to the previous crashes.

So I am going to install ublock again here's the latest non submitted crash reports it they could be helpful to anyone. Thanks once more for trying to help out!

72ab0d5a-774b-4592-95ac-2aa7f000993d 4/5/2018 8:09 μ.μ. c25f87dd-2ac7-40d0-a174-b9baa960ea78 4/5/2018 7:51 μ.μ. a616d0c5-8c27-499e-85d4-df7409da394e 4/5/2018 12:35 μ.μ. 0562abf3-8343-452b-a9f5-f101ebcf11e1 4/5/2018 12:26 μ.μ. 03f40b83-a658-48ba-a19a-7ef0395d62dc 4/5/2018 11:24 π.μ. 0561403f-0cf6-4985-9945-280b8dbfa1a1 4/5/2018 11:15 π.μ. df1e4235-9094-41be-ab4f-7cf3adc819b6 4/5/2018 11:00 π.μ.

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Those crash reports weren’t sent to the Mozilla Servers.

In the address bar, type about:crashes<enter>. Note: If any reports do not have BP- in front of the numbers/letters, click it to submit them.

The crash report is several pages of data. We need the report numbers to see the whole report.

Using your mouse, mark the most recent 7 - 10 crash reports, and copy them. Now go to the reply box and paste them in.


For more help on crash reports, see;

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bp-adf395a6-f22b-4243-9f01-22ebe0180506 6/5/2018 2:00 μ.μ. bp-c62ac5b3-1bf3-4d61-9b21-c3e8c0180506 6/5/2018 1:59 μ.μ. bp-1134c17b-7ee7-4d2a-a64c-73fa70180506 6/5/2018 1:58 μ.μ. bp-63841a13-4e6e-4f3c-a534-4da4a0180506 6/5/2018 1:58 μ.μ. bp-b7130244-5d27-4e14-8b96-39caf0180506 6/5/2018 1:58 μ.μ. bp-a5684a41-f872-4bdb-982b-b5e090180506 6/5/2018 1:57 μ.μ. bp-4e90df90-0093-411f-842a-4d8c20180506 6/5/2018 1:57 μ.μ. bp-7ce98c6f-0937-4346-ae71-e770e0180506 6/5/2018 1:56 μ.μ. bp-5a227020-97ab-4f5e-bcac-629f40180506 6/5/2018 1:56 μ.μ.

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bp-adf395a6-f22b-4243-9f01-22ebe0180506 Signature: PLDHashTable::Add | CCGraphBuilder::AddNode

Total Virtual Memory 3,221,094,400 bytes (3.22 GB) Available Virtual Memory 316,338,176 bytes (316.34 MB) Available Page File 1,641,500,672 bytes (1.64 GB) Available Physical Memory 45,584,384 bytes (45.58 MB) System Memory Use Percentage 98 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ bp-c62ac5b3-1bf3-4d61-9b21-c3e8c0180506 Signature: js::GCMarker::traverseEdge<T>

System Memory Use Percentage 92

This is for Sumo's Related Bugs 1190914 RESOLVED WORKSFORME crash in js::GCMarker::traverseEdge<T>(JSObject*, js::ObjectGroup*)

1169247 NEW --- Crash in js::GCMarker::traverseEdge +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ bp-1134c17b-7ee7-4d2a-a64c-73fa70180506 Signature: OOM | small

System Memory Use Percentage 95

Attention Sumo's there are 30 related bug reports

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Thanks I will try the safe mode again and see where it goes from there...

So this high memory usage again but I would like to ask if it's possible from the crash reports to deduce what also causing the high memory usage...?

Thanks once more for ur kind help.

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Aren’t there any other apps consuming much memory according to the full memory report / overview reported by the Task Manager?

Also: "Available Page File 1,641,500,672 bytes (1.64 GB)"

Could it be you limited the page file size to less than 4 GB? If so, set it to be managed automatically, or to at least 4 GB.

Regardless but just out of curiosity: note that reports of crashes for this signature (click "More Reports") increased for 59.0.2 and subsequently for 59.0.3. Did it crash as often with 59.0.1? (I guess this matches your recent experience.)

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Hello thanks for trying to help out.

I checked my page file settings they're set to auto.

When FF hands I press control + alt + del for the task manager, however I dont see any other memory hogs at that time.

I think it crashes as often as it used to.

I would like to ask something else. Since it appears that FF runs ok in safe mode, I have a modified userchrome.css file for running an older plugin (bookmarks toolbar), can I paste the code from the .css file and maybe you can tell me if there's something wrong with that?

Thanks once again,

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akis73 said

can I paste the code from the .css file and maybe you can tell me if there's something wrong with that?

Yes, as long as the file is not too big.

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I assume your disk space for the page file is OK, and you performed a reboot in case the setting changed recently?

I don’t know about the userChrome.css and memory consumption. I assume it makes little to no difference, but you could easily try without it.

As Safe Mode also disables hardware acceleration, you can try disabling that (only) in normal mode. If it doesn’t help and given what Safe Mode does, some other setting used by default must be responsible.

Did you try what happens in a clean profile anyway, or disabled the add-ons manually instead and reenable them one by one in case the issue disappeared? Add-ons causing no issue on other systems are no guarantee of them not causing errors in your current setup - basically this is a first step to take when experiencing crashes.

If disabling hardware acceleration nor disabling add-ons solves your issue, all that is left would be to copy important data to the new one rather than investigating any further.

If only disabling hardware acceleration solves it, leave it disabled. I haven’t been able to get proper performance on 32-bit Windows 7 when enabled, albeit that expressed in GUI errors rather than crashes.

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