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Twitch streams video hanging 59.0.2 and 60.0b11 when playing at 1080p60

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I'm still have issues with Twitch streams stuttering or having video hang for a second or two. It seems to only happen when a lot of the screen is refreshing at once/there is a lot of action on the screen. Audio keeps playing without issues. Chrome has no issues at all and plays silky smooth.

Environment: Firefox 59.0.2 and 60.0b11 Windows 10 Intel i5 - 4690k 16GB RAM Nvidia GTX 970 - Driver 391.35 (latest at time of post) 3 monitors - issue displays on every monitor

Things I've tried with no change in behavior: Playing in Private browser window Tinkering with Nvida settings Tinkering with Firefox Hardware acceleration settings Reinstalling Firefox Upgrading video driveres Reinstalling video drivers w/fresh install Upgrading to beta

Things I've tried that have helped: Dropping the quality to 720p - this causes the video hanging to stop but again Chrome plays silky smooth at 1080.

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Forgot to mention that unlike many of the reports from pre FF 57 I'm not having issues with youtube videos at 1080P

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Pls read the following thread on reddit, there's some suggestions: