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Upgraded latest version, click a menu, can see a faint menu, after 15 seconds, menu area turns black, none responsive or redisplay page.

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Hello, I have upgraded to the latest version of Firefox. When I select any of the menus the displayed menu is ghost like. Then after 15-20 seconds it will do one of two things. 1: it will display the menu 2: is will display the menu as a black screen with nothing on it. After this it will most likely hang, but sometimes has redisplayed the webpage. When it hangs the circling pointer is displayed and the title bar will display (not responding). I have uninstalled, deleted directories, rebooted, cleaned the drive multiple times, reinstalled from the full installation and still the problem exists. But somehow the system always knows that Firefox has been installed before and wants to do a refresh. Regardless of the refresh is will not work. I have updates all drivers, all WIndows updates, Java and Adobe Flash. I am running WIndows 10 with all service patches and security updates.

Thank you for your time.

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hi, could you go to the firefox menu ≡ > help ? > troubleshooting information, copy the contents of that page and paste them here into a reply on the forum (or if it's too long through a site like and provide the link here)?

this might give us a clue what is going on. thank you!