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firefox keeps updating even though I deactivated the automatic updater, how can I stop it? the new mozilla looks great but I use mozilla for my old add ons...

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I don't want mozilla to update automatically, I know that the new mozilla is faster and what not but I really need my old-working add ons. Thank you

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Type about:preferences#advanced<enter> in the address bar.

Under Advanced, Select Update. Check the settings.

Also turn off Use a background service to install updates

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thats why I wrote: "mozilla keeps updating even though I deactivated the automatic updater"... I already tried that, but thank you for your prompt response

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What update channel are you currently on?

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You appear to be using Firefox 57 and that is either a Beta release or a Developer Edition release. You need to install the full Firefox release version to switch to the release update channel as you should use as a regular Firefox user.

You can find the full version of the current Firefox release (56.0) in all languages and all operating systems here:

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that's the whole point of not updating firefox, to do not get the last version...

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Then hop off Fx57 and back on to release. There's no use staying on Beta if you aren't going to want to update continuously.