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Lolu chungechunge lwabekwa kunqolobane. Uyacelwa ubuze umbuzo omusha uma udinga usizo.

More and more, I am having trouble with web sites when using Firefox.

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I can't use PayPal. I am getting locked out of websites that I have used for years. What is going on with Firefox?

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What kind of problems do you have accessing these websites?

Can you attach a screenshot?

Boot the computer in Windows Safe Mode with network support (press F8 on the boot screen or hold down the Shift key) to see if that has effect.

If you use extensions ("3-bar" menu button or Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions) that can block (wanted) content (e.g. Adblock Plus, NoScript, Ghostery, uBlock Origin) always make sure such extensions do not block (wanted) content.

  • make sure your extensions and filters are updated to the latest version

You can try these steps in case of issues with web pages:

You can reload web page(s) and bypass the cache to refresh possibly outdated or corrupted files.

  • hold down the Shift key and left-click the Reload button
  • press "Ctrl + F5" or press "Ctrl + Shift + R" (Windows,Linux)
  • press "Command + Shift + R" (Mac)

Clear the cache and remove the cookies from websites that cause problems via the "3-bar" Firefox menu button (Options/Preferences).

"Clear the cache":

  • Options/Preferences -> Advanced -> Network -> Cached Web Content: "Clear Now"

"Remove the cookies" from websites that cause problems.

  • Options/Preferences -> Privacy -> "Use custom settings for history" -> Cookies: "Show Cookies"

Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions ("3-bar" menu button or Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem.

  • switch to the DEFAULT theme: "3-bar" menu button or Tools -> Add-ons -> Appearance
  • do NOT click the "Refresh Firefox" button on the Safe Mode start window
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Please explain the problem in detail. What happens? Error messages?

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Situation. I am in E-Bay cart, I have selected my seller & items I want to buy....I click on 'proceed to checkout' & click on the option to 'Pay with PayPal' I then click on 'sign in to Pay Pal', large swirl comes up & states 'Processing' . Then, nothing. It just hangs. For hours. Pay Pal says there is nothing wrong their end, nor with my details. E-Bay cannot provide any helpful information. I have been trying to buy/pay through PayPal for 12 days now, at various times of day/night local time (Australian) about 2/3rds night time, & 1/3rd daytime. I have re-loaded the page many times, even tried the shift-reload option. Nothing, it still hangs. I have managed to buy 1 item only during this time. E-Bay are blaming the sellers, (Mainly in China) which I think is unfair, as I have made hundreds of purchases from sellers in China, USA & a few in the UK over the last 10 years. I have never had one problem with a seller. Ever. I have even changed sellers several times....I am hesitant to use Firefox in safe mode, as I am old & not very au fait with the finer points of how this works & what might go wrong & how to fix it if it does. I am using a desktop computer just over a year old with WIN 10. I have had lots of problems with WIN 10, given how the 'tech language' changed so much between WIN XP & WIN 10....IT WAS VERY CONFUSING, THE CHANGEOVER. Ooops, sorry....I cleared my cookies & cache, now E-Bay is telling me I need to use a different browser, but I do not want to do that. I dislike Google Chrome intensely, & def do not want to use IE. Why can't I use Firefox? Please, I am old & half blind, mostly housebound & grappling still with the tech language, I need step by step instructions on how to fix this, I am in your hands, Fred.....I do not know how to do a screenshot, sorry. I hope I gave you enough info, if not, please ask & I will try & do better. Thank you to everyone for your help in advance. I am not stupid, just not educated & up-to-date with the ever changing Internet/computer language. Also getting older by the minute....sigh.... SlimSylv

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Here is a thought;

Remove History For One Site

Open the History Manager <Control><Shift> H. In the search bar, enter the name of the site. Right-click on one of the listings and select Forget About This Site. This should remove all information, including any passwords / settings.

Do this for Pay Pal

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Sorry to be a pain Fred, can you tell me WHY I would want to do this? Sounds radical to me......but, hey, what do I know? lol... Thanks SlimSylv

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When you go back to the website, any needed information from the site is downloaded fresh.

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I thought more about this, Fred, & am very nervous about deleting stuff I may need, can one reverse this solution? And would I want to? I am just not techie enough to do this without more info. I still have the same problem, cannot get PayPal to connect to E-Bay to pay for my goods. I am using Firefox Version 55.0.3 BTW... I remember once I started FF in safe mode & was in a right pickle, lost so much, just 'cos I had no idea what I was doing.... Thanks Sylvia

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Hi Sylvia

Maybe you should create a new thread since the original poster (thread owner) hasn't confirmed that the issue has been fixed. Now replies related to your issue have appeared in the thread which will make it more difficult to give proper support to each of you.

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please switch to other browser,chrome is much more problem solved after using more freeze and crash.

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Hi Detcon

Please ask this as a new question (not as a reply to lots of other questions) and we will do our best to help you.