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moved drive to different laptop, can't access history or bookmarks

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so, these hp laptops require you to fully disassemble in order to clean the fan. the bios had shut the fan off; i didn't have a choice. i ended up with a short in the board. see, i don't even blame myself - i did everything right, it's just a crappy design that forces dangerous maintenance to do routine cleaning.


i had an old laptop around with a bad hard drive. so, i took the drive out of the machine i just broke and put it into the old one that needed a new drive. given that it'll be cheaper to upgrade the ram in this machine than change the board in the other one, i'll probably stick with this for now.

it booted, read the hardware, etc. seems like it might end up as a minimal annoyance (those boards will come down in price over time, too). the one problem i've got is what i think are encryption problems in firefox. it doesn't seem to want to let me into the sql.

i can neither create nor retrieve history or bookmarks. i get nothing when i type in the address bar, and the triangle doesn't work, either. i'm sure i can find more examples. the root seems to be that i can't get into the sql...

i suspect i could create a new profile, but i need access to the bookmarks, at least. any ideas on a workaround on the encryption - or a better idea of what's going on, altogether?

Isisombululo esikhethiwe

shit, i even talk to myself when i post to support.

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Use your file browser to look around the hard drive.

Your profile folders should be located here; Win: C:\Users\==<UserName>==\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles

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i know where the profile is, what i'm trying to do is remove whatever lock or mismatch has been put on accessing the history.

i went ahead and created a new profile. it will allow me to import the bookmarks, but when i copy the places.sql over it recreates the same situation: no bookmarks, no history.

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newest info: by carefully using trial and error, i've been able to reconstruct the ui, the session store, the bookmarks and even have managed to start a new history. but, if i copy the places.sql file over, i get back to the same mess.

so, all i need to do now is figure out how to extract and import the history from the places.sql file. but the truth is that i can live without it, too.

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actually, we can close this down, because it's not quite the issue i thought it was.

i've been resisting upgrading firefox because i don't want to have to run an add-on for the ui and i'd already stripped out a lot of the browser, myself. but, bandcamp finally broke in my mod. so, rather than throw the whole thing out, i installed a 64-bit firefox in parallel to it. but, i fucked it up the first time and had to reinstall in it's own profile.

i seem to have converted or upgraded the places.sql file in the process, in a way that does not appear to be backwards compatible.

so, i got my history back by copying it to the 64-bit install. i can juggle this from here.

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Isisombululo Esikhethiwe

shit, i even talk to myself when i post to support.

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Well, v24 is very Very old.

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