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Add-ons Not Compatible With Multiprocess

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  • Igcine ukuphendulwa ngu FredMcD

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The Add-ons Manager has now labeled many with; Not Compatible With Multiprocess

Does this mean these are no longer usable?

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Hi, can you post a screenshot of where you're seeing this?

Multi-process is being rolled out in Firefox 48 and onwards:

I'm not 100% sure what the plan is for add-ons not marked as multi-process compatible. For the time being, you won't get multi-process enabled if your add-ons are not compatible with it.

Some add-ons will continue to work even with multi-process enabled, but not all.

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Because I will lose some add-ons, I am still using v46.0.1

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I am using Win7 32-bit and with Firefox 48.0 multiple process was automatically disabled. I used a fresh Profile upon installation, so all I have are the default extensions which are disabled. I haven't enabled "Multiprocess Windows" and have no inclination to test it. IMO, too many changes still to come, this year and well into 2017, so until XUL-based extensions are gone and "we see" how many WebExtensions are available to replace what "we" are now using, I am holding onto what I am now using.

FredMcD said

Because I will lose some add-ons, I am still using v46.0.1

I am using Firefox 38.7.1 ESR (for the various Firefox support fora I "work") because I am tired of losing extensions. And Firefox 44 killed two extensions (the API they relied upon was removed), so ESR 45 is out of the question for me for my "support Profile".

I do have Firefox 47.0.1 installed and use it for some of the day for general surfing, but I am holding there so as to not lose my unsigned extensions in that Profile. Tried the unbranded version with a copy of my "general Profile" so as to be able to use the unsigned extensions -- but the unbranded ("Nightly") 48.0 version updated to the Release 48.0.1 version when I tested it via Help > About (after reading at Reddit that is would update to Release) so I deleted it.

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The add-on signing was intended as added security. But it also removes good older add-ons that still work. There should have been an option for each extension to allow an unsigned to do its job.

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Hi FredMcD, what extension(s) modify the Add-ons page with compatibility information? That's not part of the regular page as far as I can tell.

Anyway, multiprocess (e10s) isn't going to be "forced" for a long time, so hopefully authors will update the extensions important to you, or alternatives will arrive.

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[rant mode ON]

Mozilla should have completed the signing / verification feature many years ago. iirc, Firefox 2.0 was the first version that had a notice of "author not verified" at the start of the installation procedure for every extension installation. User's were asking what that was all about long before this forum even existed. IOW, Firefox was looking for "something" that wasn't yet created by Mozilla and had no pref or requirement set for extension developers. Now that is is here I ask "what took you so long?" Had that been completed years ago, it could have been done with Firefox 3.0 or 4.0 when massive numbers of extensions "died" or needed to be re-written. Or maybe even with Firefox 3.5 or 3.6, when lesser numbers of extensions "died". Or what about Firefox 10, which ended up being the "base line" for which extensions got automatically "signed" en masse? If an extension was deemed compatible with Firefox 10 it got signed, with a few exceptions, i believe.

And Firefox 2.0 was long before Mozilla came up with the "blocklist" scheme for Mozilla being able to "turn-off" known bad characters (extensions AND plugins), As I recall, Firefox 3.0 (or maybe it was 3.5) was when the ability to "blocklist" came about.

Instead of being unhappy now, why not face the facts that Mozilla should have dealt with the situation that finally brought us "signing" - long before it got so bad that such a draconian measure was taken to just outlaw un-signed extensions regardless of whether the user wants it or not. IMO, it wouldn't have been made "mandatory" if Mozilla hadn't let things get so out of hand over the years.

And it's not like at least one long term extension developer didn't try to sign his own extension to get rid of that “Author not verified” message by himself (and possibly shaming Mozilla into completing that feature for the benefit of all Firefox users and extension developers). Wladimir Palant at his Adblock Plus blog. Back in the days of Firefox 3.5 = 2009 [rant mode OFF]

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FredMcD said


Addons in this case being Extensions

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Upgraded to 47.0.1 and suddenly lots of Addons don't work - "not compatible with multiprocess"

1) how do I turn OFF multiprocess 2) if I can't turn it off, what version do I need to revert to?

OSX 10.6.8 on this computer.

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Okulungisiwe ngu christ1

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suddenly lots of Addons don't work - "not compatible with multiprocess"

Add-ons don't stop working if not compatible with multiprocess. If any of your add-ons did stop working after an update it is for a different reason.

how do I turn OFF multiprocess

You don't. It's off in v47. Rollout starts only in v48.

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Test post in relation to bug 1306153 I will try to attach an image.<== failed to complete

Note this is not related to this question it is related to the bug Fred has filed. File is not attaching I just get a spinner. Other possibly related gakllery issues also noted. The related thread is

Should be fixed trying again, yes see in preview

Okulungisiwe ngu John99