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38.1.0 PREFERENCES submenus fail to drop down

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See attached screen shot. The DISPLAY submenu should be visible, but the pane has truncated its dropdown height. I can click around on the different submenus, and some of them display, some don't, and when I go back to one that did not display, maybe it will display.

Ama-screenshot ananyekiwe

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A shame you didn't think to mention you are a Mac user.

I have seen one or two other Mac users reporting menu-related difficulties. So I think there may be a real problem here, for Mac users, and you may well best go back to an older version.

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"A shame you didn't think to mention you are a Mac user."

Isn't everybody?

OSX 10.6.8 for me.

Seeing odd relations between rev numbers and release dates:

The names of the versions seem to have typos; have numbers been transposed? 31.8.0 is dated 15 Jul 38.0.1 is dated 10 Jul 38.1.0 is dated 8 Jul

Hesitant to try until I understand which was the version previous to "38.1.0 on the release update channel" per About Thunderbird.

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screen shot in SAFE MODE:

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Oh this is interesting. I started clicking back & forth between DISPLAY and COMPOSITION, and the font size of the text got SMALLER every time, and the height of the box got reduced.

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Oh, and the Prefs/DISPLAY/ minimim font size is completely broken -- I set every minimum font size to 40, and un-checked the box allowing emails to use their own fonts. No effect, email still displaying with small size fonts.

OSX 10.6.8

Okulungisiwe ngu VerizonSucks

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For some reason the 38-serie was released early. That's the confusing release dates. 31.8.0 is a security update to the 31-serie. (Its is only available thru manual download.) See:

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and like in your other thread, does this all occur in safe mode?

Cross reference to other threads in the past week. 38.1.0 PREFERENCES submenus fail to drop down 38.1.0 make the red spinning thing in the lower right corner GO AWAY 38.1.0 has made NO SMALL TEXT addon controls disappear. Where is it? 38.1.0 how do I go back to the previous version? 8.1.0 Console Error: unable to load addon NoSmallText 38.1.0 competely broken Prefs/Display/Formatting control of font sizes 38.1.0 requests to modify cookies prevent me from doing work 38.1.0 has screwed up the ZOOM function on the top menu 38.1.0 has SCREWED UP MY FONT SIZE SETTINGS

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Yes, see the screen shot above, taken in Safe Mode

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Its still happening, in Safe Mode, after I switched back to the older version 31.8.0.

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And I just cleared my computer caches & restarted the whole computer, and its still happening, in Safe Mode, in this earlier version 31.8.0

Also still reducing the pane height every time I switch from one sub-menu to another, ie going from Prefs/ Display to Composition to Chat until its down to narrow blank height about a single line tall.

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And continuing in Safe Mode -- when Replying, a test I just made started out with my typed font being the same size as it ought to be; the same size as the quoted material.

I have Min Font Size set to 20pt. So everything in my Reply is displaying larger than in the received email. So far this is correct behavior.

BUT when I started typing another line after hitting RETURN, the font size became smaller.

And even when I moved my pointer back to the initial line and typed more, it remained smaller.

Okulungisiwe ngu VerizonSucks

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Just noticed the Minimum Font Size dropdown ends at 18. It should go up to at least 40, I don't remember exactly, maybe 60?

What I did is set that to 18, and the other 3 font size choice boxes to 20 (Default, Proportional, Monospace)

Those other 3 dropdowns go down to 40, but they are a bit too short; I only see the top half of "40" .

Still Safe Mode.

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The GET NEW MESSAGES box is also too short. Does not show anything but the top quarter of the second username.

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Are you still using the Theme Font & Size Changer add-on?

If so, please try it at zoom level 1.0.

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Zenos said

Are you still using the Theme Font & Size Changer add-on? If so, please try it at zoom level 1.0.
using SAFE MODE !!!!
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Perhaps you should backup, then try to make a new profile, import account-settings, addressbook and mail-folders. (offline). then install your add-ons.

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So you're telling me to do several hours of exasperating work?

The developers broke it, dammit.

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Clearly neither the developers, nor the beta testers, saw this. And where are the hundreds of Mac users also seeing this? We have one report of a truncated Account Actions menu, and you. It clearly is not a widespread problem, so if it is peculiar to this build, then it's very selective in choosing its victims.

I think you said you reinstalled an older version and the effect persisted? If so, that rules out a specific linkage to TB 38, don't you think?

You have written a lot in several different places and I don't have a clear view of what does and does not work. So forgive me if this has been asked and answered before, but does it behave any differently in Thunderbird's Safe Mode?

No, scratch that. You just said that it's bad in Safe Mode - I hope you mean Thunderbird's Safe Mode. I don't know if OSX even has such a thing.

I'm afraid that the suggestion to try a new clean profile is probably the most useful route to follow. A corrupt profile is looking like a strong possibility. Particularly as you've referred to an addon not intended to be used in Thunderbird.

Okulungisiwe ngu Zenos

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Yes, TBird Safe Mode.

>make a new profile, import account-settings, addressbook and mail-folders. (offline). then install your add-ons. >

Yea I'm pretty confused by now too. Sigh. Where's the instructions for that?

One real PIA is that TBird does not have a simple index list of all your Addons & Plug Ins & Extensions that you can save. So I have to write them all down. Then find them one by one.

Seems that the app should have a utility in which you can "archive" all that, and then run the utility and check which ones you do/don't want to re-install.

And a whole different issue is that SOME emails do not respect TBirds user Prefs/Display/ minimum font size choices, even when you check the box not allowing emails to use other fonts. These are always the ones with really miniscule type.

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A simple list of add-ons is in Help/troubleshooting information, save that. By backing up your system for example using MozBackup you preserve all your settings and mail. But as always do it offline.

EDIT A list of plugins you find if you click on button "about plugins" in Troubleshooting information


MozBackup may NOT be a Mac -program. Its marked as such in Sourceforge but NOT at their homesite.

Okulungisiwe ngu Gnospen

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