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Lolu chungechunge lwavalwa lwabekwa kunqolobane. Uyacelwa ubuze umbuzo omusha uma udinga usizo.

submitting webform launches mail instead of sending form

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Firefox 37.0.1 (fresh install) running on Windows 8.1 (also fresh): When I go to a website and fill out a contact form such as a support inquiry etc, and then I try to send or submit it, the app launcher opens and wants me to select an email program. In my previous versions of FF this did NOT happen! If I select an email program, once logged into it, all of the form information (and a WHOLE BUNCH of other CRAPPAGE) is crammed into one help at I'm NOT trying to send an email !!!

I have all auto fill/auto save/auto anything turned off for security/safety reasons. My default email choice in Windows 8.1 is Yahoo, but again, I DO NOT WANT THIS TO OPEN WHEN SUBMITTING AN ONLINE FORM. Unfortunately, submitting the same form when using Internet Explorer works just fine......but I have FF for a reason !!!

Any HELP will be greatly appreciated but PLEASE DO NOT flame me with suggestions to turn on auto complete/auto save etc. or setting default email programs....doing so only wastes time for BOTH of us, as well as making it clear that your 'technical arrogance' prevented you from reading my ENTIRE post, and only giving it a cursory glance before posting your 'technically advanced and intellectually superior' response....which, given the nature of my stated issue will be incorrect. I apologize for the incisive nature of this paragraph, but as you may well imagine, I have had many negative experiences with 'technically and intellectually superior' beings. I am but a mere mortal.

Thanks in advance for the help!!!

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It sounds like the web page is trying to send your message via your e-mail provider. Not the sites own message service.

Can you post a link for us to look at?

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Unfortunately, FredMcD, as I feared, you FAILED to READ my ENTIRE post, especially the last paragraph. As such, you let your 'intellectual superiority' and 'technically advanced arrogance' get the best of you. In other words you revealed to all that your cranial computer is firmly lodged in its rectal storage area.

Here's your sign.

Another 15 minutes I'll never get back.

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I might make a comment about that, But arguing with a child is a waste of time.

Hailing Frequencies Closed.

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FredMcD: . . .(or given your last response, should I address you as cupcake or pumpkin?)

I'm sorry you got your little feelings hurt and now your panties are in a wad, but as is typical from shut-ins with your particular personality disorder, you did EXACTLY what I asked NOT be done, that being NOT reading and UNDERSTANDING my post in its entirety before your self-appointed intellectual and technical superiority took over and caused you to offer information that I SPECIFICALLY ASKED NOT BE OFFERED. My instructors always said, "RTFQ!" (look it up--or if it's past your bed time, have mommy do it for you while you're getting your jammies on)

If your failure to follow simple instructions has made it seem as I have offended you in some way, I apologize and bow in your general direction.

Now go take your meds.

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Please see this:

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Locking this thread - you may create a new thread once you get your attitude in check. Or not - your choice.