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How do I go back to previous version of Firefox - 37 does not work with Norton tool bar?

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I just upgraded to Version 37 and it is not compatible with Norton and the Identity Safe Toolbar. How can I go back to the previous version until Norton does their upgrade?

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It is Norton that updates for new major Firefox version, not the other way.

This toolbar not a normal Extension as it need to be updated for each new major version Firefox .exe as it ties in with antivirus client. About the only good thing about Norton is they have had a liveupdate ready for their toolbar usually within a day of new major Firefox release ever since Firefox 5.0.

Okulungisiwe ngu James

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I am quite new to using Firefox, so I apologize if this question is something I should know the answer to. I see that Norton has released the fix for the toolbar but I have repeatedly downloaded the live updates but the old toolbar is still "disabled." Will the new toolbar write over the old toolbar and enable it?

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If the toolbar extension says it is the updated version then try to enable the extension.

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Thank you James for your quick reply. I haven't been able apparently to download the patch yet. What shows in the extensions is the old toolbar and it says it is disabled. It is grayed out and a message at the top of the box holding the extension says "! Norton Toolbar is incompatible with Firefox 37.0. I think I will keep checking for the update by running LiveUpdate process in Norton, unless you have a better suggestion. When I did the FF update it did say the toolbar wasn't compatible but it also said the FF would not complete until the toolbar was added but it apparently completed the update anyway.

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I got the Norton Toolbar update... THEN Firefox was NOT coming up. If I opened in Safe Mode and Disabled Norton Toolbar, Firefox would start. More info though... Tried using Norton Toolbar in Chrome (I had it set already). Toolbar there, but, clicking did Nothing. Did they (Norton) update the Chrome add-in? Had a problem with Internet Explorer also; though haven't used That in a while, so, could be a Different problem.

    • Does Firefox REALLY have to be CHANGED so much... So OFTEN???
    • If Add-on makers didn't have to keep changing their products to stay ** Compatible, they might keep working together!