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History view by Date and Site is not displayed by date correctly

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Viewing History list by Date and Site displays a list categorized as Today; Yesterday; Last 7 days (I have no "last month" section. Why ??) That is a very gross categorization Besides, it shows the sites alphabetically and not by date and time Really annoying FF !! (Mac OS Yosemite)

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Is it updated one!! As because it shows History section in proper way in other OS's. Click on 'History' --> 'Show all History' (or ctrl + shift +H) --> In the left panel you can see the entire history stored in the browser. And as you stated that history is shown alphabetically and not by date and time! So, its up to you, you can change the view option. Firefox provides you with several option for viewing your history accurately.

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FF does not provide any option to view by date and time It only provides view by Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days. That's it. I also wonder why only 7 days. The view Date and Site cannot offer view by date for each site. It is not possible since there are many pages in each folder and each page has perhaps different dates. Yet technically it is possible for the pages in each folder to be listed by dates. They are not and it is annoying.

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Yes you can see them. Firefox shows you in the form Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days,This month, last month.. and so on. Just click on the month you want to check then on the top right corner of the window there is an option of Search History, just below that there is a tab of 'Most Recent Visit' click on it and the entire page would be sorted according to the dates you visited!! It will perhaps help you to search your desired option.!

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You will get month heading for the current/last month (November) as soon as there is history older than seven days for the current month. You will have to wait a few days to get an entry for December. Only relevant headings that aren't empty are shown.