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How do I get Firefox to remember allowed pop ups after closing?

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I need to allow a pop up for paypal permanently, but once Firefox is closed and re-opened, it has to be allowed again the next time I need it. I have set Firefox to clear cookies and cashe on closing, could this be why? Although I've always done that and it used to remember it, I never had to reset it each time I open Firefox.

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If you clear Site Preferences, the pop-up blocker exceptions for a site are reset. For more information, see:

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Thank you for your reply, I only clear cookies and cache on closing Firefox, the site preferences box is not ticked. On the permissions tab Paypal is allowed. However, I just closed Firefox and re-opened it, and paypal has remained on the list of exeptions. This is very strange as this morning I had to add it again before using paypal, the exeptions list was empty, I haven't changed any settings. Firefox has just had an update, so hopefully that has cured the problem.

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Hopefully it stays fixed. Let us know if the problem resurfaces.

If you find that preferences do get reset, see the article How to fix preferences that won't save.