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Idea that will rock the Firefox Marketplace....

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This isn't as much as a question as this is an idea to consider.

What I'm about to bring up are several ideas that could make the Firefox Marketplace awesome, a real alternative to the Chrome Web Store, because frankly enough (don't get me wrong, I love Firefox and its marketplace), a lot of the apps are Firefox OS only and even those aren't too great. Here are some ideas to make it up-to-par with its competitors:

Firefox OS Background Emulation Push for PC Developers Third-Party Hosted Web App Links


A lot of apps are mainly, well, links to web apps that could definitely run on a PC. A lot of the other apps can be run in an emulator (which should be built-in, but in the background) that opens whenever one of these Firefox OS-specific apps is opened. The emulator could run in the background, and these apps would run in a window without any of the complexity or fake hardware buttons that the current emulators have. If this feature was standard, that would be great.

Now the Firefox Marketplace could seriously compete with the Chrome OS Web Store if it's app selection was bigger, and a great place to start is the already existing Firefox OS apps.


Mobile Firefox OS apps are really being pushed. That isn't a bad thing (at all!!!) but if there was an equal amount of push for PC apps, we could see a bigger app store.

I mean, these are web apps! There is very little reason that you can develop an app for mobile and NOT tick the little box that puts the app on PCs. Easy fix. And besides, with the emulation feature there is literally no reason to NOT export to PC unless you have a grudge or something.


This one will be trickier to start off, but eventually it could be really good.

A lot of major companies have powerful online apps, but do not want to make an app for the Firefox Marketplace. Why? "Because there are not enough apps". This is circular reasoning. They don't want to make an app because other people don't want to make an app because other people..... it doesn't go anywhere.

So, if uploading nothing but a .manifest file that featured a link to an app accompanied by some basic information by a third-party developer is legally acceptable, I think it should be approved. Actually, the act of uploading nothing but a link to a site. Not like a hosted app, because that requires a specific .manifest file in the actual webpage code, and isn't featured in the actual Firefox Marketplace.

Thanks for reading so far, and I hope I've made a difference for Firefox and it's marketplace ;D !!!

~ Renard d'Allan

Okulungisiwe ngu Renard d'Allan

Isisombululo esikhethiwe

Thank you for your idea. Currently this is a forum for support and the feedback for the Marketplace is in

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Isisombululo Esikhethiwe

Thank you for your idea. Currently this is a forum for support and the feedback for the Marketplace is in