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Lolu chungechunge lwabekwa kunqolobane. Uyacelwa ubuze umbuzo omusha uma udinga usizo.

Version 31 crashes

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I have version 31 and it crashes CONSTANTLY with win 7. Seems as though 20 times a day.

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Can you give me your crash reports?

  1. Enter about:crashes in the Firefox address bar and press Enter. A Submitted Crash Reports list will appear, similar to the one shown below.
  2. Copy the 5 most recent Report IDs that start with bp- and paste them into your response here.
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Thanks Moses

bp-698a01fe-2931-4dca-81c8-d08da2140801 8/1/2014 8:12 AM bp-444a6c5d-30a4-4844-ae8b-67aa02140801 8/1/2014 8:12 AM bp-c82cadc9-fbdf-4cd8-8b04-042f92140801 8/1/2014 8:12 AM bp-32d2d0a8-a159-455c-921f-22cc82140801 7/31/2014 10:10 PM bp-e66f4ea0-6b0d-41bd-928b-502672140801 7/31/2014 9:44 PM

Crashed 14+ times on the 31st

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This SUCKS. I just lost a large written response to someone because this POS crashed AGAIN!

I shut down all the plug ins and it still crashes like a drunk teenager behind the wheel of a fast car!

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You can try to disable hardware acceleration in Firefox.

  • Tools > Options > Advanced > General > Browsing: "Use hardware acceleration when available"

You need close and restart Firefox after toggling this setting.

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Already disabled long ago.

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A really great browser has become a steaming pile of doo...

Send me an e-mail when you get it figured out. I'm gone for now!

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->Are plug-ins up to date. ->Have you tried it in safe mode to see if it still happening. by going into Help then Restart with Add-ons disabled.

If it doesn't crash in this mode then it could be an extension or theme causing it.

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I turned off all plug ins except adblock plus 2.6.4, crashes.

It crashed in safe mode as well.

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We're sorry to hear that Firefox is crashing. In order to assist you better, please follow the steps below to provide us crash IDs to help us learn more about your crash.

  1. Enter about:crashes in the Firefox address bar and press Enter. A Submitted Crash Reports list will appear, similar to the one shown below.
  2. Copy the 5 most recent Report IDs that start with bp- and then go back to your forum question and paste that into the "Post a Reply" box. (Please don't take a screenshot of your crashes, just copy and paste the ID's. The below image is just an example of what your Firefox screen should look like)


Thank you for your help!

More information and further troubleshooting steps can be found in the Troubleshoot Firefox crashes (closing or quitting unexpectedly) article.

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bp-fe7cc15a-d048-4a5f-be9b-43cf72140824 8/24/2014 12:14 PM bp-5b92e02c-482e-498d-b3b6-cf8dc2140824 8/24/2014 11:57 AM bp-570a7c19-c5ad-46fa-9117-8dfd82140824 8/24/2014 9:26 AM bp-5e0fd4ec-1cb8-46ee-8a10-740af2140824 8/24/2014 8:19 AM bp-e3991ba2-d16f-4f43-a86e-62d0a2140824 8/23/2014 10:41 PM

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Thank you for the updated crash IDs. The 2nd-5th all have the same pattern, which unfortunately is not linked to any specific bugs at this point, and doesn't have any helpful user comments linking it with particular types of content or actions in Firefox. The first is different, and has only been reported 30 times in the past week, so is hard to associated with any specific issues. Maybe someone more technical than me can glean additional information from the crash reports.

Until then, I would just suggest "the usual" actions at this point:

Clean Reinstall

This bypasses "bad" files in Firefox's program folder:

(1) If needed, download a fresh installer for Firefox 31 from to a convenient location. (Scroll down to your preferred language.)

(2) Exit out of Firefox. (Not necessary in your case!)

(3) Rename the folder (64-bit Windows folder names)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox


C:\Program Files (x86)\OldFirefox

(4) Run the installer you downloaded in #1. It should automatically connect to your existing settings.

Does Firefox start and stay up?

Note: Some plugins may exist only in that OldFirefox folder. If something essential is missing, look in these folders:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\OldFirefox\Plugins
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\OldFirefox\browser\plugins

New Profile Test

To test how Firefox runs "uncustomized" on your system, you could try this three-minute experiment. Your current settings remain undisturbed so you can switch back to them if this doesn't help.

A new profile will have your system-installed plugins (e.g., Flash) and extensions (e.g., security suite toolbars), but no themes, other extensions, or other customizations. It also should have completely fresh settings databases and a fresh cache folder.

Exit Firefox and start up in the Profile Manager using Start > search box (or Run):

firefox.exe -P

Do not delete anything here. Any time you want to switch profiles, exit Firefox and return to this dialog.

Click the Create Profile button, choose a name like Aug12, and skip the option to change the folder location. Then start Firefox in the new profile you created.

Does Firefox run and stay up? If so, does the good news continue if you exit Firefox and start it up again? If you want to continue with this profile, you can transfer over some key data. This article has details: Recovering important data from an old profile.

When returning to the Profile Manager, you might be tempted to use the Delete Profile button. But... it's a bit too easy to accidentally delete your "real" profile, so I recommend resisting the temptation. If you do want to clean up later, I suggest making a backup of all your profiles first in case something were to go wrong.

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You can check for issues caused by plugins and set all plugins to "Ask to Activate" on the "Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Plugins" page (plugins are not affected by Firefox Safe Mode)

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You can do a malware check with several malware scanning programs on the Windows computer. Please scan with all programs because each program detects different malware. All these programs have free versions.

Make sure that you update each program to get the latest version of their databases before doing a scan.

You can also do a check for a rootkit infection with TDSSKiller.

See also:

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Nope still crashes like crazy.

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Did you already update to Firefox 32?

You can find the full version of the current Firefox 32.0 release in all languages and for all Operating Systems here:

Can you post some more recent crash reports to see if the signature has changed?

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Version 32. I'll see if I can get some tomorrow.

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Still a crashing.... 11 times in the last 8 minutes.

Report ID Date Submitted bp-ce402577-ddde-4d9b-8d74-6aa992140925 9/25/2014 8:49 AM bp-3cdaf369-1f30-4d93-8f21-dff9f2140925 9/25/2014 8:49 AM bp-148bbf4e-29f0-426a-aaf1-412002140925 9/25/2014 8:41 AM bp-df481daf-429a-45a7-b26a-767c42140925 9/25/2014 8:41 AM bp-5cca7380-3871-4660-bf1e-7e6a42140925 9/25/2014 8:41 AM bp-eb530c90-6b43-4791-8833-d44252140925 9/24/2014 11:13 PM

i like the layout, but, the instability is maddening. I may go back to exploder because this is stupid.

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Was Firefox 32 working normally for a while then fell off the deep end again, or were you not able to run it for 3 weeks?

Since nearly all the crashes seem to relate to the JavaScript compilers, they should not occur while you are running in Firefox's Safe Mode (those are some of the advanced features disabled in Safe Mode). But you said Safe Mode didn't help. Is there any way to tell which signatures are from regular mode and which are from Safe Mode? Note that you can hold down the Shift key when starting Firefox to display the Safe Mode/Reset dialog and start in Safe Mode.

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Opened it in computer safe mode, not firefox. I'm running it in now under a new profile. I'll try firefox safe mode if it crashes. My error in booting it up.

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Version 32 crashed just like previous versions

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