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Lolu chungechunge lwabekwa kunqolobane. Uyacelwa ubuze umbuzo omusha uma udinga usizo.

When I close firefox I get an error message that says:The instruction at 0x7758144 referenced memory @ 0xffffffff, The memory could not be read, how to fix ths?

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I get an error message that says , nsAppShell:EventWindow:firefox.exe... Application E... The instruction at 0x7758e1144 referenced memory at 0xffffffff. the memory could not be read. Click on OK to terminate the program. What's wrong and how do I fix it?

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Your System Details shows;

Installed Plug-ins

Shockwave Flash 14.0 r0 Shockwave Flash 13.0 r0

Having more than one version of a program may cause issues.

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How do I see if I have more than one version of Shockwave Flash?

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Addons Manager > Plugins

or look at more system details to the right of your initial posting here.

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I did have 13.0 and 14.0 shockwave plugins both installed. I uninstalled the 13.0 and now I get an error message that says could not read @ 0x774ce114 @ 0xffffffff Now what?

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Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link} While you are in safe mode; Press the <Alt> or <F10> key to bring up the tool bar. Followed by;

Windows; Tools > Options Linux; Edit > Preferences Mac; application name > Preferences

Then Advanced > General. Look for and turn off Use Hardware Acceleration. Then restart.

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I still get the same message with a bell/bong that sounds when the message appears. Currently I've left the hardware accelerator off. Even when I come out of the safe mode after having turned off the H.A. the message displays then as well.

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Did you get the error in safe mode?

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Yes, .... the only time the error message comes on is when I close firefox. So in the safe mode I closed firefox and the same message came up.

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See if there are any crash reports for the last week.

We're sorry to hear that Firefox is crashing. In order to assist you better, please follow the steps below to provide us crash IDs to help us learn more about your crash.

  1. Enter about:crashes in the Firefox address bar and press Enter. A Submitted Crash Reports list will appear, similar to the one shown below.
  2. Copy the 5 most recent Report IDs that start with bp- and then go back to your forum question and paste that into the "Post a Reply" box.


Thank you for your help!

More information and further troubleshooting steps can be found in the Troubleshoot Firefox crashes (closing or quitting unexpectedly) article.

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ec77630d-0136-45c0-aeb0-61e2e6eb267a 6/27/2014 6:36 PM b58bf860-da15-417a-bb34-0f034accaa90 6/27/2014 6:36 PM 78101f16-e787-4222-a2d6-9eabdb67a339 6/27/2014 6:19 PM 27db1026-d372-4d2b-948b-4c026fc8b502 6/18/2014 3:51 PM 4a7f1844-00da-4623-ab8a-26d5ea90edea 6/1/2014 7:52 PM 8b427dae-9e40-4781-8a25-af4019c1e4a4 5/31/2014 6:19 PM

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I just tryed to update a new adobe flash and after doing so the download part under tools said firefox.setup.exe failed. Just fyi

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Those reports haven't been submitted. Can you click them on the about:crashes page to submit them, so they get a bp- prefix?

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I clicked on about 6 or 7 of them.

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So, do you now see crash reports with a "bp-" prefix? If you see them then please post a few of them.

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How do I post them?

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Open about:crashes Using the mouse, mark everything you can see, and copy it. Now, in the reply box below, right click it and select paste.

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I knew how to do that, sorry. I didn't know if you wanted a copy of each individual report or just the page. Here it is... Submitted Crash Reports Report ID Date Submitted bp-af8afb9c-406f-4843-b5f0-f341c2140704 7/2/2014 7:12 PM bp-500df430-465f-44ec-9a7e-c34372140702 7/2/2014 4:52 PM bp-2c14d0a2-b4a2-4eee-a72d-85b912140702 7/2/2014 4:51 PM bp-2e8bc220-7e16-4291-b3c3-59a7b2140702 7/2/2014 4:50 PM bp-ea8a52d4-ff08-48f4-b641-539202140702 7/2/2014 4:49 PM bp-7ff8483e-468a-4324-b788-336e02140702 7/2/2014 4:46 PM bp-ee0edfa1-f678-428c-868d-1f80b2140702 7/2/2014 4:44 PM bp-dd32ccd5-4a84-4582-baa9-d731a2140701 7/1/2014 5:29 PM 75d1f4f1-730e-4e6d-a9aa-7bf08527c14e 5/14/2014 7:40 PM a5d77b9b-5adc-40ed-8926-245f9c1711b2 4/23/2014 6:24 PM 42ef8c1d-dd05-401f-b91c-15633c5080f5 2/17/2014 2:33 PM 0a233130-e0e9-4a78-ac7c-70ce42d07fcd 2/17/2014 2:33 PM 90b4e67a-5655-4dbf-96aa-b1ceb622cffb 2/17/2014 2:33 PM 1222611d-88cd-4c2b-a165-48dc2ae60888 2/17/2014 2:33 PM 921660a9-b14c-4b71-81c0-4864f246f531 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 84c51953-118a-4b16-a65c-5b0472c31885 2/17/2014 2:32 PM b12c8c12-b5d2-4028-8804-7831fff1e059 2/17/2014 2:32 PM fa608271-c2c6-4ff2-8fee-dd12d9cddca5 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 110a075b-5209-4b48-98fb-51f6c18747b7 2/17/2014 2:32 PM f6b7c7f8-edb5-4c8a-9f9d-95cdf9dae28f 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 38df997b-6c08-4b04-9e10-79114e21b087 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 58e8b80b-0482-4df7-874e-e3c051e3a390 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 2649763b-3e51-414c-87a9-c429e2542a1c 2/17/2014 2:32 PM f3323912-ee94-40ac-9378-891cf8d04454 2/17/2014 2:32 PM db9a70c3-8de0-4b52-b7f2-999da7fa4584 2/17/2014 2:32 PM ac6c20aa-fd8b-4068-8fee-777fddba34a9 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 86068336-7d23-42de-ae1e-30c58f38ed20 2/17/2014 2:32 PM da68f0b9-1b9f-4fc6-b16d-1f7b3e57a111 2/17/2014 2:32 PM a5a07386-14fb-44e3-aabe-2dcf350980f8 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 3f447cee-1105-416e-9b66-163fcb2f25fb 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 968c04e0-00bd-4489-8ac3-13e2100b0f70 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 84a12490-7aff-43a3-8b18-e596eef73ece 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 8f5bc390-2805-41df-8d60-48c2b6b61816 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 088af5c3-ec72-47a6-be3e-5635daf4bd7c 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 30f469f8-4802-4708-ad13-01b0f69a5087 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 33080078-0b63-4db7-8f06-0ae2547e8118 2/17/2014 2:32 PM f03a4616-d0bb-41a6-b322-b5edfbaaede8 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 577bb1ab-2f33-4707-b3f5-a89fab3ecdfb 2/17/2014 2:32 PM e05818d0-59b2-4e32-aa85-88a76401a12c 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 0d6c09fa-bc59-438a-b306-7775f4339846 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 95d256b1-f1d2-4443-99f1-2373246e2c40 2/17/2014 2:32 PM fa943610-9b45-4e01-ba2e-137fff6b0278 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 1d918c94-c13e-4e1b-89f6-6931e0aa99a8 2/17/2014 2:32 PM b7a0218c-de80-4a2f-9aea-8df9bda565fe 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 9b9d142f-e411-4529-840d-b0ad9bae57e6 2/17/2014 2:32 PM cbdc8180-d488-4a74-954a-2b209954cee9 2/17/2014 2:32 PM b0d7cb88-4f57-4650-8863-d085d7eaa255 2/17/2014 2:32 PM fc56f033-1b12-4588-8ffb-8742245d8e0b 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 603c27c7-d40e-45bb-8a23-85cd5e3ad974 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 03778c8d-1e07-4532-a692-cc13200c9bd8 2/17/2014 2:32 PM e8a1bcbd-9109-48a3-9d4b-7ad2c66ba12f 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 5c063da2-6949-44cf-9f8a-12d45e41b053 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 6758ff53-9c38-472f-83b0-466c7d38080a 2/17/2014 2:32 PM a252f676-f745-415b-b640-5eb8df5cbc6d 2/17/2014 2:32 PM a0ffc786-3e64-4d41-8518-1545ec39ca90 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 922ea6d5-6204-4a10-8208-68dddef1afcb 2/17/2014 2:32 PM 8bf8a1b9-33ce-48df-9f73-36d09da7d3b2 2/17/2014 2:00 PM

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I didn't know if you wanted a copy of each individual report or just the page

The BP report number is better all around. Once a report is submitted, the Mozilla system checks for comparisons with other reports. Sometimes this shows where the problem is.

more options dated 7/2/2014 7:12 PM

Process Type: plugin Shockwave Flash Version: Filename:NPSWF32_14_0_0_125.dll-

There have been lots of shockwave problems of late.

It looks like you have AVG on your system. Some have reported problems.

more options Dated; 2014-07-02 22:52

Process Type plugin Shockwave Flash Version: Filename:NPSWF32_13_0_0_214.dll

You still have Shockwave 13 and 14 installed?

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