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Firefox crashes on a Regular Basis

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As the title says - I seem to be experiencing this a lot & was wondering if anyone could help solve my problem please.

Crash ID: bp-c2b9b286-b6f9-417e-a558-5b40f2140525

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That particular crash signature indicates "oom" or "out of memory". With memory use at 85%, Firefox can become sluggish; you usually would notice that before it got crashy.

Could you post some other recent crash IDs to see whether they match the same pattern?

Since graphics functions were involved, in case this is related to an incompatibility between Firefox and your graphics card drivers, you could try disabling Firefox's use of hardware acceleration:

"3-bar" menu button (or Tools menu) > Options > Advanced

On the "General" mini-tab, uncheck the box for "Use hardware acceleration when available"

This takes effect the next time you exit and start Firefox up again.

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Hi jscher2000

Yes, Firefox started to grind to a halt. I've also just noted that Flash's hardware acceleration is ticked: should I untick that or proceed with your suggestion?






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You can uncheck Flash hardware acceleration if you like. One of your reports refers to Flash, but the other 4 seems to be Firefox crashes.

It's hard for me to see a pattern here. Hopefully another volunteer will have more insight.

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Hi jscher2000,

Thanks for the suggestions. Are there any other volunteers who might be able to make a suggestion please?

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The most recent one is a flash crash: signature is _chkstk | CLocalEndpointEnumerator::OnMediaNotification(MEDIA_NOTIFICATION_BLOCK*) which also seems to have a bug that may not be related to what you are doing and asked in the adobe forums too

the second one are you seeing "WinXP Error Reporter" to appear).?

Two questions: Are any of these files missing on your computer: msvcrt.dll ntdll.dll API-MS-Win-Core-LocalRegistry-L1-1-0.dll API-MS-WIN-Service-Management-L1-1-0.dll API-MS-WIN-Service-Management-L2-1-0.dll USER32.dll RPCRT4.dll PROPSYS.dll KERNEL32.dll

These are all the related files to this .dll file

And two what is happening right before the crash and are all your windows updates up to date?

The last one is really old: 2014-04-27 and is also a plugin crash. You may want to reinstall Adobe flash

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Hi guigs2,

Thanks for the reply. How do I go about searching for these .dll files? Would windows' search tool suffice?

Not too much happens before the crash. I would have multiple tabs open, Firefox would then hang, not respond and finally close itself. Unfortunately I can't put it down to much else other than having a few tabs open possibly using flash.

All windows updates are up to date as of 30/05/14.

Thanks again guigs2

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Hi Portmanteau, Not a problem. I am actually not sure. that might help.

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Hi guigs2,

I performed a local disk (C:) search for the listed .dll files and all seem to be present with a number of these files having the same name.

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I have another one, there is a project called Shumway that is an 'HTML5 technology experiment that explores building a faithful and efficient renderer for the SWF file format without native code assistance. ' It currently is off by defualt in Firefox Nightly. However there is also an extension There are a couple of tests you can try out in this page as well: Try it out and report back :-)

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Hi guigs2 & sorry for the late reply.

I've installed the Shumway extension: What tests should I do? What should I be looking out for? Thanks for your continued help

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You can also try to disable hardware acceleration in Firefox if you haven't done this yet.

Try to set the Flash plug to click-to-play by setting the permissions for Flash to "Ask To Activate" in "Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Plugins". That way you can activate the Flash plugin when you need it via the Lego block icon on the location bar.

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Hi cor-el,

I'll give your suggestion a try and see how that works out in practice. Thank you. I'm still interested in guigs2 suggestion regarding Shumway & HTML5 - I'm just not sure what to do.

Thanks again

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Shumway is a built in player in the nightly channel at the moment that is under development. In Nightly(version 33) and Auroa(32) there is a feature on the about:config page you would have to enable. Search for shumway on that page and the feature will show up. However there is also an extension for current versions of Firefox. (this is still being developed however) Shumway extenstion

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Hey guigs2,

Thanks for getting back to me. Ok, I'll give that a go as the ad hoc method of using Flash is already proving troublesome.

Thanks again

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Yarr crashes are a type of javascript engine. Yar is replaced with regular expressions in Firefox 32. Because each of the crashes are different, please update to the lastest Firefox. Last resort please try Safe mode or reset Firefox.

Edit- Please post back with how shumway works out, or if it prevented some crashes. Thank you.

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