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IE8 displays web data in 7 secs, Firefox 27.0.1 displays the same data in 128 secs?

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The originals of this question were inadvertently sent from two PCs, referred to as PC1 and PC2 because at first, PC2 seemed to have failed to send the question.

The question numbers are PC2:987597; PC1:987598.

Question 987598 confused the roles of PC1 and PC2 in the last couple of lines. In fact, it was impossible to step through the necessary stages to compose a question on PC2 due to page delays (total of over 4 hours). The question was composed on PC1 and then the url for the question page and its contents was copied to PC2, similarly for troubleshooter.

When PC2 seemed to fail to send the question, the troubleshooter data from PC2 was copied to PC1 and the question was sent from PC1.

In the meantime, it was discovered that PC2 did seem to send the question after all.

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ok, so i will leave question 987597 open to further discuss the problem - please continue here: