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my color managed jpgs look oversaturated and wrong when viewed from websites (tumblr, smugmug) and in my own photoshop compared to safari and icab

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- i am viewing my pictures on a color managed NEC PA241 screen - plus, the firefox browser itself is over saturated

- i am viewing my pictures on a color managed NEC PA241 screen - plus, the firefox browser itself is over saturated

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This can be caused by a problem with the color profile for your display monitor or color profiles embedded in images.
Try to disable color management to test if it is caused by a problem with color management.

You can set the gfx.color_management.mode pref to 0 on the about:config page to disable Color Management.

You need to close and restart Firefox to make the change effective.


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Hi cor-el,

Thanks for this - unfortunately your suggestion did not fix the over saturation of my firefox 25.0.1 browser -

The skin of the browser itself is over saturated -

icab and Safari both show correct color from my srgb jpegs - i do photography so color accuracy is important, i color manage the files, monitor, ‘puter and everything agrees that my pictures look the same except firefox -

Just looking at the tumblr site, i’d say that all the pictures are over saturated via firefox -

I’m using OSX 10.9, thank you

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Did you close the Firefox menu bar (Firefox > Quit) or possibly reboot the computer after setting the gfx.color_management.mode pref to 0?

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yes I did restart firefox and then checked that the gfx.color_management.mode pref was at 0 -

I can’t restart the computer at this stage (too much else happening), but i will also do that when I can after an hour or so and will post a message with the results - thanks

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You can also try to disable hardware acceleration in Firefox.

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well cor-el, disabling the hardware acceleration button has solved the problem, maybe combined with gfx colour management = 0 also

firefox looks like everything else now so I can use it for my pictures - bliss -

thank you for your help, keith

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You're welcome.

It may not be necessary to disable color management if disabling hardware acceleration fixed it, so you can try to reset the pref to its default value.

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yes you’re right - so it was just hardware acceleration that caused the problem (gfx=2 works) - I should have checked this before I wrote my previous message - sorry and thanks for the fix, keith

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You're welcome and glad that you were able to fix it.