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Firefox crashes facebook, tumblr and youtube several times a day having to reset firefox atleast once a day

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I will be surfing on the websites stated in the question and all of a sudden, the page will go all wonky and even if i refresh, close the window and reopen or even restart the computer it will still be unable to be used and it's like a plugin is missing and nothing can be clicked and its rendered unusable. It happens multiple times a day and the only fix is to reset firefox which gets really annoying after a while.

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Hey everyone, we hopefully have a solution for you here! Please update your Firefox to 18.0.2, which contains a patch to fix this crashyness :)

Update Firefox to the latest release

We are sorry for the trouble this was and that it took a while to fix, but please download this latest update. If there are still issues with Facebook please let me know.

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The issue wasn't with just Facebook. I'm having issues with almost any page that has graphics or somesort. Like my school's web learning page, tumblr, wikipedia, youtube, facebook, twitter. It's still happening after i put the update on my laptop... and I have restarted twice.

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This seemed to have fixed it thanks.

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