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PDF documents on the web appear in the address bar, but the documents don't display.

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In the last week, every time I have clicked on a PDF document in Firefox, a new tab properly opens with the correct address in the box (ending with .pdf), but the documents don't appear.....? It seems to be a problem with the Adobe reader plug-in, but I've deleted, and reinstalled, the app, and nothing happens. There is no update indicated in the plug-in check.

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Possibly that is problematic on a Mac see threadPDFs are unable to be viewed. /questions/938410 maybe advice in that thread helps.

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Thanks, but not sure that makes sense. Why would Adobe reader for Mac not work on a Mac? I mean obviously it isn't working; and in the other thread the only solution is to turn off the plugin. But the plugin is working in safari, so it seems to me that the issue is compatibility with Firefox. Since Adobe isn't a fly-by-night operation, maybe Firefox could look into this?

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Sorry I do not have answers, and do not know details of the Mac/Adobe plugins problems.

Conspiracy theorists may wonder whether Adobe is constantly reviewing cost/benefit of supporting various OS s & Browsers.

One may note

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Disable the Adobe Reader plugin in Firefox (Tools > Add-ons > Plugins) and use the external Adobe Reader application or Preview application instead.

  • Firefox > Preferences > Applications > Adobe PDF document : Use Adobe Reader

PDF files may also be found under another entry like Portable document.