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After firefox 11.0 or Nightly (most recent version) returns search results and I click on a link, I am often redirected to a site called

I ran malwarebytes which is the one I use along with AVG Professional and problem still happened.

When I contacted malwarebytes support this is what they said:

"Fully uninstall Firefox and all user profiles, this has been found to be an add on in Firefox profiles."

So is this a Firefox problem and does this mean we should not use Firefox?

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This is a little confusing, because there is a (seemingly) legitimate add-on named Translate This! which is on version 1.8. Translate This! :: Add-ons for Firefox

Not sure where that other one is coming from, but not from a good place, obviously.

right now I would like to focus on a solution, and not sure why Mozilla is not putting people on this so the Translate This! 2.0 (which looks like it comes from Mozilla?) is blocked.

I'm not familiar with the process of blocking bad add-ons. Maybe one of the other volunteers here can suggest where to submit "nominations."

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It's not a Firefox problem. Happili redirection is caused by a rootkit (rather sophisticated malware). First, use TDSSKiller and ZeroAccess removal tool to remove the rootkit components from your computer. Then reset Firfox settings: Hold down the Shift key on the keyboard when starting up Firefox. Select everything EXCEPT “Delete All Bookmarks…” and click on Make Changes and Restart. Firefox is a great browser and it has nothing to do with the happili infection. The following is a very good Happili write-up to follow.

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