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The security code, aside from the password. How can I possibly remember it??

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This morning, thankfully temporarily, all of my Firefox bookmarks were gone. And, synch wasn't there anymore either. I had some virus that Norton blew away this morning. I had to reboot and this happened. I blame Norton. Anyway, I reinstalled Synch and tried to get to the server to get my stuff. It asked for my password, which was fine. But, then, it asked for some other code, which no way I can remember.

Thankfully, after re-booting, my bookmarks are back. But, I still need that silly code! Thanks.

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You can find the sync password and the sync key in the password manager on the computer where you originally created that sync account. Maybe it is still there.
Look for:

  • chrome://weave (Mozilla Services Password)
  • chrome://weave (Mozilla Services Encryption Passphrase)

Tools > Options > Security: Passwords: "Saved Passwords" > "Show Passwords"

Otherwise you need to reset the sync key.
See Firefox Sync troubleshooting and tips (I've forgotten my Secret Phrase, what can I do?)