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How do I open Bookmarks->organize bookmarks->unsorted bookmarks

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I have bookmarked a lot of sites recently and its time to organize my bookmarks. I used to be able to click the bookmarks tab at the top of the Firefox window and select "organize bookmarks" - that gave me a list of all the bookmarks and bookmark folders and I could move the new bookmarks into existing folders, create new folders, and leave some one-of-a-kind bookmarks not in folders. Now it only shows a list of folders, plus an icon called "Unsorted Bookmarks" which I can't figure out how to open. How do I open it?

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you just right click the small Mozilla Firefox logo or logo of any site in which you are in, next to the forward button then click on the phrase "menu bar", that's its. You get your menu bar, navigation toolbar & customization.

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In Library there is an Unsorted Bookmarks file, but it doesn't Open to show my unsorted files. I'm trying to get the unsorted files into specific files - like I was always able to do in previous versions.

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I am running Firefox on Mac OS 10.6.8 There is no plus sign by the unsorted book mark folder. None of the previously mentioned fixes worked. Is this a bug between the new firefox and mac??? Going nuts in Wyoming.

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Does anyone read these things or is Firefox asleep with Mozilla and not addressing problems or bugs????? For me there is no + signs, no 'organize bookmarks' selection. Nothing works. Nothing previously suggested worked. I figured they'd have it fixed with the newer update but I guess not. Just like add-ons not being compatible with newer updates for some reason. Sheeeesh this stuff gets old messing with it all the time. I'm using XP.

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