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Additional parameters sent to server

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Firefox 76.0.1 is causing me problems...

For example if I call a PHP program to log out, I use the JavaScript command:

function Logout() {

 self.location = "Root.php?LogOff=Y"


No problem there, but when I want to log back in I use:

<form name='detail' method='Post' onsubmit='Root.php'> <input type='text' name='UserId' class='Full' style='border: 0;'> <input type='Password' name='Password' class='Full'>

(The class Full, just sets the width to 100% as this is in a table)

The the JavaScript is simply:

function LogIn() {



Seems simple enough, but the Root.PHP receives:

 LogOff -> Y
 UserId -> <name>
 Password -> <password>

Not what I was expecting!

The only other thing of note is that I have started using to save information, and this too passes information from previous calls.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, Richard Gamester

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