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Video playback stutters on battery power only on Firefox

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I noticed that when watching a video on YouTube or Hulu in my browser, on battery power, every few seconds the video will quickly stop and start, stutter, skip, whatever you want to call it. It is a fraction of a second but very frequent. It is only when I am on Firefox, not when I am watching video on a desktop app. Microsoft Edge works fine on Hulu and Youtube.

I tried troubleshooting the following with no changes:

  • Updated various drivers, video, monitor etc.
  • Tried in Firefox safe mode
  • Uninstall and reinstall Firefox
  • Firefox and Windows is up to date
  • I have a dedicated GPU Nvidia Geforce RTX and Firefox and Edge are both set to use my Intel CPU

I looked at power settings and

  • "Wireless adapter settings" is on Max Performance for both Plugged in and On Battery.
  • Intel (R) Graphics Settings are is on Max Performance for both Plugged in and On Battery.
  • "Processor Power Management" > "Minimum Processor State" > "On Battery" is at 5% and I tried changing it to 100% but there was no difference.
  • "Multimedia settings" > "Video playback quality bias" is set to "Performance Bias" on Battery and Plugged In. And "when playing video" I have it set to "Optimize video quality".

Is there anything else I could try? Thank you!

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