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Learn More - Website does not open correctly with firefox

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this website:

does not open correctly with Firefox - on my Windows 10.

It is a GPS-Platform - you can't see the "sign in" window correctly - and all the maps unfortunately don't show at all on Firefox. - and that's why it does not show the position of the GPS Tracker on the map.

(Please see the Screenshot)

If I open the same page with Google Crome it opens correctly. But of course I want to use my Firefox rather - than Crome.  :)

Is it possible, to forward this issue to somebody who can solve the problem?

Thanks a lot. Tima


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Hi, the page has a script that positions the login dialog in a way that is centered both horizontally and vertically. That would be fine except that the rectangle for holding the map is enlarged in other browsers, but too short in Firefox. This means the dialog is centered by pushing it up out of view.

Unfortunately, once the position of the login dialog is set, it's not easy to get it to the correct place. I don't think there is an alternative to "hacking" the page by modifying the position of the too-high login dialog. Here is one way to do that:

(1) Right-click close to the left border of the login dialog and choose Inspect Element or press the keyboard shortcut Q (see screenshot #1)

(2) This should open the Page Inspector and if you're lucky, it will already have the main element of the login dialog selected. If that's not select, you may need to scroll up in the Inspector to that element and click to select it.

(3) On the right side, Firefox usually shows the Rules panel. If that is not displayed, click Rules to show it. Then you should see there is a top-margin with a negative value. This pulls the dialog up beyond the top of the page. (see screenshot #2)

(4) Double-click that negative value in pink and change it to 0 (that's a zero). Then press Enter or click away from the field to save the change. By save I mean until the page is reloaded; it's temporary. This will reposition the login dialog at the top of the page. (see screenshot #3)

Now... there may still be lots of problems until the page fixes the cause of these issues. I'm including a technical explanation and it would be great if you could pass this along to the website so they can make it work in Firefox -- it should be easy.

Technical Explanation

A script sets the containing table size using this line of code:

$("#table_all_views").css("height", $( window ).height()+"px");

jQuery computes $(window).height() by returning window.document.documentElement["clientHeight"].

Firefox returns a different value for window.document.documentElement["clientHeight"] in Standards Mode or Quirks Mode (see CSSWG).

Unfortunately, the server is sending an extra line before the normal DOCTYPE --

<meta http-equiv="Access-Control-Allow-Origin" content="*" />

-- which triggers Firefox to apply the rules for Quirks Mode.

In Quirks Mode, instead of reporting the full height of the viewport, Firefox reports the height of the area that has been used. That's tiny, so it breaks the layout.

For the developer:

To ensure that Firefox uses Standards Mode, please move the extra header inside the <head> element.

If you cannot serve the document in Standards Mode, you could replace $(window).height() with the native property window.innerHeight or document.body["clientHeight"] for better compatibility.


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That table has for me a height:95px that makes it not visible if that is what you mean. If I set for table #table_all_views "height:100%" then it looks better.


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Thanks for taking the time and for your answers. I am not a technical expert - but I will try out your suggestions. :)



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