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Github and others ask master password continuously on each page

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Good day guys and mozilla support forum!

Microsoft github asks for master password on each page and on each reload while I surf it (not trying login). It is anoying. And I suggest this is cause of Spying. And I have stored password for github but maybe now I don't want to login and to let github know that it is me.

1) Is there anything to stop it? Maybe should do some feature to stop asking password again?

2) If I provide master password what information can github see? Only github logins and passwords or other sites logins and passwords too? Analogy with instrument Container tabs. They can't see cookies each over. It is very good feature I think. Thanks.

P.S. Please, also, take a look on my old problem I did some test and get results. And I think all the same it is a bug Because there are some solution kind of check recheck

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Just to clarify one thing: Firefox is asking for the Master Password to unlocked saved logins when you visit a site that has saved logins. The site isn't asking.

Coincidentally, I noticed that the other day when opening PDFs from my website. I have a test login page and created a few throwaway logins for testing. Since I have saved logins for my site, even though a PDF obviously doesn't have any login fields (example), Firefox requested the Master Password for each PDF I opened from the site, each time after I canceled the prompt.

I don't recall when this started, but it was such a surprise that I suspect something changed in Firefox 75.

In my opinion, it would be better if Firefox didn't prompt until it found an actual login field that matches what I have saved, but perhaps I'm overlooking some scenario or programming complexity.

You might search for and/or file a new bug here:


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By the way, if you are concerned that sites may try to steal passwords in the background, the best protection is to turn off autofill. Then when Firefox finds a login field, it will show the username in a drop-down so you can click that to fill the fields. There's a checkbox for this setting on the Options page:


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Thank you @jscher2000 Sure I use unchecked Autofill logins passwords.

Glad to know it's just firefox asking. Then, how we can convince devs to correct or at least pay attention for this?


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You can file a new bug. My current slow connection doesn't allow me to do more research on exactly what change was involved. (Using this tool:



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