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Sync has catched ad-aware and now whenever I sync Im getting it

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Hey, I have this weird problem that when ever I log into my sync account and sync firefox I get malware. Opening new window (CTRL+N) puts me into here:

My homepage is set to duckduckgo and when i open new tab, it works properly.

I deleted all traces of firefox and reinstalled and if i dont log into sync, the malware does not appear (so it's not in my system, it comes with sync)

Any help where can i go to trace down how it comes and how to get rid of it?

Extensions I have installed: Clockwork, DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials, Lastpass, PKCS11 loader, Token Signing, Vue.js Devtools, Wappalyzer

Best regards, Siim.

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Hi, I suggest you to try the steps listed in this:

Looking forward to see how it went.

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Unfortunately this didn't solve my problem. I cleared cache, then completely removed firefox from my system and re-installed and the problem stays as described on original post



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