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Firefox doesn't load websites in tabs

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Since the new update firefox often doesn't load a website in a tab.

I will open a few bookmarks in news tabs and most of the time they don't load.

I will open in a new tab but the tab won't open the site.

I open my firefox and the saves tabs don't load the websites.

I have to either click in the web address section and press enter and sometimes it loads it but other times sites like twitter never load ...Chrome works find with all websites. Shall I uninstall Firefox?

I have refreshed Firefox and it hasn't fixed the issue.'s just the latest update that is super buggy.

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If the issue was fixed when you refreshed Firefox, it was likely caused by a browser extension installed on your browser. See Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems.

Just by looking at the list of add-ons provided in your system details, my guess would be either Avast or IBM Security Rapport.

IBM Security Rapport had quite a few compatibility issues a few months ago for some users. That was an issue that IBM needed to address. And Avast has an HTTPS scanning feature in their settings that can sometimes slow/stop the loading of most websites.


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None of that worked. I can't even open Gmail on Firefox anymore... only on Chrome.



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