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why can't i no longer drag and drop urls to my desktop!

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If I use Chrome I can drag and drop but NOT FIREFOX QUANTUM!

If I use Chrome I can drag and drop but NOT FIREFOX QUANTUM!


hi, this can happen when particular settings are in place in your windows environment - please see this article for an explanation and workarounds: Drag and Drop errors with Firefox Launcher Process enabled and Windows UAC disabled - How to Fix

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AntonyMan said

Most plugins, as for example like "Dark mode" or "Translators" ect. not even working as it should for this page (https://support.mozilla.org/).

Some Mozilla sites are in a list of restricted domains where extensions that need to inject code into the page will not work. This is for your protection because Firefox grants extra privileges to certain Mozilla sites to access information about your configuration or to facilitate using your Firefox Account.

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jscher2000 said

Hi AntonyMan, have you modified the Windows UAC behavior on your system? Firefox should work seamlessly with the default setting. If you don't want to use UAC, then yes, you do need to use a workaround to equalize the privilege level between Firefox and Windows Explorer.

First off all, Windows settings is not your business. Fix your program instead.

As many users already told you, if "UAC" changed, much more problems and different for each user to computer are produced.

You could say "we working for this issue" instead of force us to "hack" our computers and/or expose security settings of users. (Unless you want only developers to be able to use firefox.)

I said all this because I care. Other users (which are the most of users) turn to other browsers (like opera) with not pointing YOUR problem. (Again: Unless you want only developers to be able to use firefox.)

Good night jscher2000 :) Good night Firefox :(

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This is about disallowing drag and drop to the desktop because with UAC disabled Firefox is started as a sub process of the Explorer program and this means that Firefox is running with medium integrity and not with high integrity like is required to interact with the desktop.

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