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Feedback: The "Bookmark" story is less than ideal.

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I got here via https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/feedback/ so the following should be treated as “product feedback” rather than a "question".

Let me first say that I’m quite happy with FF overall but the way it supports "Bookmarks" really frustrates me... First, I've not been convinced to check how "Pocket List" differs from "Bookmarks" and the mere presence of its icon in the URL bar next to the “Star icon” irritates me since each time I want to click "bookmark" I always experience this fraction of delay figuring out which button to press.. at the very least I would like to have the option to move the “Star icon” to the other end of the bar. Second, upon times I think to access a previously saved bookmark I instantly get this “ooof” like feeling, suggesting this to be tedious … I suspect this because: 1) The “tilted books” icon is quite "distant" from the “Star icon” by different measures, it's not within the same control group, and it is set apart by a substantial length compared to the distance between icons in a group, so effectively, the “Bookmark concept" is in two places and since I save more than I review I tend to first look at the "star icon" regardless of what I actually want to do with "Bookmarks". I think a more intuitive design for me would have the "star" and "books" icons be adjacent visually somehow... perhaps combining the two into a "dropdown button". 2) Once I do locate and click the "books icon" I'm somewhat overwhelmed by seeing many options which all deal with "past pages" and it takes me another click to open the "sub-menu" to show the "Bookmark list", which itself is not really consistent with sub-menus as a UI navigation pattern. 3) ..at which point I’m presented with a relatively narrow list of descriptions having the majority of them being cut-off. This makes the whole list appear very cryptic. I would really appreciate having a one-button click experience in order to reveal my bookmarks. As a quick remedy, I would love to have the option to change the semantics of the URL bar pull down pane (e.g drop-down arrow) to show my bookmarks instead of the recently visited URL's (I never ever used this list to navigate back to a site).

Hope this is considered...


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ffeadback said

I would like to have the option to move the “Star icon” to the other end of the bar

Customize Firefox controls, buttons and toolbars

Type about:customizing<enter> in the address bar.

Note: about:customizing is no longer present in Firefox 47+ releases.

  • Press Alt or F10 to bring up the toolbar.
    Then View > Toolbars > Customize.
  • Right-click on a blank spot in the toolbar and
    select Customize.

In the new window, look for the icon. When you find it, hold down the left button on it, and move it to where you want it to be. You can move any of the icons you want from here, but; some icons are locked in place.

There is also a Restore Defaults button at the bottom middle.

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Sorry it isn't clearer.

Page Actions

The right end of the address bar is called the Page Actions area. The ••• menu, and nearby icons, are for the current page. So that star icon relates to the current page only and doesn't provide access to your bookmarks list.

Bookmarks are local, but you can sync them to other installations of Firefox. Pocket is a web-based service you can use across different browsers and in dedicated mobile apps. For example, if you like to read while commuting on public transit, you can add items to your Pocket list from your desktop, and then read them on your tablet on the train. If you don't use Pocket, you can right-click its icon there and remove it from the address bar. It will still be available on the Page Actions menu.

Browser Actions

The icons on the rest of the toolbar generally have broader scope. Firefox 57 introduced the idea of a Library icon that combined bookmarks, history, downloads, and other things. But there still are separate icons to make access more direct.

You can add the bookmarks menu button () using either:

(A) Use the Customize panel (Customize Firefox controls, buttons and toolbars) to drag the icon to the desired spot on the toolbar

(B) Use the method from Bookmarks in Firefox - section entitled: How do I add the Bookmarks Menu button to the toolbar?

  • Click the "Library" button:
  • Click "Bookmarks"
  • Click "Bookmarking Tools"
  • Click "Add Bookmarks Menu to Toolbar"

Hopefully that pulls back a little bit more of the curtain?

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@FredMcD, @jscher2000

Thank you for the suggestions! Doing so definitely sets me a step forward towards nirvana :)

I wasn't aware that one could simply "right-click" an icon and hide it. I can imagine how Pocket can be useful in the scenarios pointed out, but these are not part of my own lifestyle so I opted to simply hide that button to have a less crowded interface.

However, I would still love to have a "bookmarks menu button" that will directly launch a flat list display of all my bookmarks (ordered by date) rather than the current "Bookmark Management Menu" so to avoid the extra step of navigating through sub-menus to reach the entire bookmark list.

Furthermore, I would also love to have the equivalent for "History" in which case I would have such button reside next to the "Reload" button or even replacing the "Home" button (which I also never use).

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Hi ffeadback, did you discover the History button in Customize and does that one help?

It's possible to create a "smart bookmark" that shows your most recently added bookmarks and place this in a convenient spot on the Bookmarks Toolbar or on the Bookmarks Menu. As far as I know, it cannot be placed directly on the main toolbar.

If you want to try it:

Custom Recently Bookmarked List

Firefox allows query folders. These are not like normal folders, but instead show the results of a search across your bookmarks or history. "Most Visited" is an example: it shows the results of a search across your history.

To add a "Last 50 Bookmarks" Smart Folder:

(1) Copy this query string:


I have bolded the part that specifies how long you want your list to be.

(2) Open the Library window ("Show All Bookmarks" or Ctrl+Shift+b)

This will display the Other Bookmarks category by default, which is fine.

(3) Right-click a blank area on the right and choose New Bookmark. In the Name, you can put something like Last50. Then paste the query string into Location and click Add.

(4) Drag the Last 50 "bookmark" to the Bookmarks Toolbar (if you use that, or the Bookmarks Menu). When you drop it, the icon should change from the "globe" to the "gear" indicating that Firefox has recognized it has a query.

(5) When you switch over the Firefox and view the folder, it should have the last 50 bookmarks you added.

I am attaching 3 older screenshots illustrating. (Yes, the icons on the Bookmarks Toolbar are customized with old icons; different story.)

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>did you discover the History button in Customize and does that one help?

This is exactly what I want! I just wish the same exist for the "bookmarks menu button" where I could instantly see a flat list of my recent bookmarks!

>It's possible to create a "smart bookmark" that shows your most recently added bookmarks and place this in a convenient spot on the Bookmarks Toolbar or on the Bookmarks Menu.

I consider this "plausible" ;-)

Placing the query on the "Bookmarks Toolbar" does provide me the experience I want, but it comes at the expense of loosing a bit of view real-state. The query caption always justifies to the left which makes the whole area rather crowded, plus for some reason the background of the list is black which I don't like ..

Dragging the query to the "bookmark menu button" is really no different (for me) than hovering over the "Other Bookmarks" sub menu which is not what I want.

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There are two small differences between Last50 and Other Bookmarks:

(1) Last 50 crosses all folders (2) Last 50 shows most recent first

Maybe there's an add-on which can do that on a one-click button.

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Thank you @jscher2000 ! I appreciate you taking the time to help me out and I will use part of your suggestions. :) BTW If you know how to code FF extentions perhaps you would find this to be an interesting challenge. Personaly, I would be happy with just having a button that simply opens a new tab and display all my bookmarks in an HTML page.

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How to see a list of all bookmarks: Open Library (command+shift+B) Go to Search Field (F6 or command+F) Press Space

You can then sort by date, name, location, ... by clicking on column headers.