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Open link in new tab won't load the page

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Since a while I often have a problem that when I open a link in a new tab, the page doesn't open (tab keep showing the loading image, but nothing happens). This also is the case when I use ctr + t to make a new tab, type something (so it will open the search engine page searching on what i typed) but it just keeps loading and do nothing. The problem is sometimes it does work and sometimes it doesn't (same session, even when opening a link in a new tab that keeps loading and open the link 5 times more, from the 5 times 4 keeps loading and 1 does open the page).

I'm using Mozilla developer edition, curious if other also have this problem.

Kind regards, Evert


didn't had this problem anymore, maybe updates version fixed, will keep tracking it, of it occures again will come back to here.

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yes but I don't know enough to help. I have a similar post made yesterday, October 13, 2018.

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Hi Evert, are there any slow or hung tabs at the time this problem occurs?

Firefox typically distributes new tabs among the existing child processes (once you've hit the maximum, which typically is 4 but might increase in future versions) so if you happen to open a new tab in a process that is too busy, I can imagine this happening. But it may be difficult to track down the problem tab...

In case it makes any difference, you can adjust the number of content processes on the Options page. See: Firefox's performance settings.

Hi kayak4ever, the above is for Windows, not Android, so please ignore this reply.

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Hello Jscher2000,

Well I never had the problem in Firefox, but since some weeks working with the developer edition and there I have the problem.

Can imagine it's really hard to find out the problem, because of this I was curious if multiple people have this problem.

Will take a look at the performance option, thanks for the tip.

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I sometimes have this same problem ("Loading" message in tab header), but I have a more serious problem as well. Ctrl+click on a link will open a new tab, copy the link address into the address bar, but then...nothing. If I highlight the address then press the Enter key, the page loads just fine. It's like Firefox is "forgetting" to press the Enter key after loading the link address.

This does not happen with Shift+click nor with a simple click on the link. I recently updated Firefox and I THINK it started then. I have since uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled an older version (64.0), but the problem remains. It happens 95% of the time.

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didn't had this problem anymore, maybe updates version fixed, will keep tracking it, of it occures again will come back to here.